A Budget-Friendly Brand Is Taking The Stress Out Of Swimsuit Shopping

by More.com Editors

A Budget-Friendly Brand Is Taking The Stress Out Of Swimsuit Shopping

Summersalt swimwear brand is a new brand whose business model is all about letting consumers try suits on at home, and it’s a total game changer!


While we wish that shopping for a swimsuit could always be fun and games, if we’re being honest, sometimes it’s just downright terrible. From that dressing room lighting to the freezing temperature stores aways seem to keep their thermostat at, we sometimes would just rather go without. But new brand Summersalt is changing how we shop for our swimsuits by letting us try them on in the comfort of our own home (so it’s our own fault if it’s freezing), and we are all ears.



Similar to the Warby Parker way, Summersalt lets you choose six suits to try on at home, and if you find one (or three) that you like, you can choose to purchase it and send the rest back. And while that’s freaking fab, it’s not even the best part.


Not only was it important to the brand’s founders Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin and Lori Coulter to keep every swimsuit under $100, they also made sure that the quality of the suits weren’t compromised in any way Chamberlin told Brit+Co that they were “five times more durable than traditional swim fabric” and they are UV protected, all while being totally made from recycled materials. Wowza. Interested yet?



With our try-at-home approach to swimwear, we offer consumers both a designer product exclusively available from our site and a personal experience, both at little risk to the customer,” Coulter explained to Brit+Co. “We also wanted to be a true category killer by providing our woman with multiple choices, from cover-ups to swim legging, bikinis, and everything in between!”


Everything from one-pieces, bikinis, one-shoulder looks and more can be bought from the Summersalt website. Sizes currently run from 2 to 14, so while we hope as they evolve they continue to broaden their range of sizes, we’re pretty stinking excited about where they are right now!


Swimsuit shopping just got a whole lot less stressful, folks.