Calf Hair Belts, Shoes & Bags: A Fall Fashion Trend We’re Watching

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Calf Hair Belts, Shoes & Bags: A Fall Fashion Trend We’re Watching

Calf hair is all the rage this fall and we should see it well into winter. This furry trend showed up last season, but now it seems to be showing up all over the place. While calf hair is most commonly found in leopard prints, this fall we're seeing a few new fun pops of color! From shoes, belts, and bags to clothing, jewelry, and hats, calf hair is quickly becoming this season's must-have material!

Calf hair shoes are a fall favorite! From splurge-worthy Valentino Rockstud heels to more affordable J.Crew pumps, calf hair gives shoes added oomph. A pair of calf hair shoes or boots let you look a bit fancy even when bundling up for fall's chilly weather. Most calf hair shoes come in neutral colors so working this trend into your wardrobe is incredibly easy.

If you're still not sold on calf hair, start small. Try adding a calf hair belt to your outfits. A little pop of cheetah print adds such a fun contrast to any outfit. You can mix and match prints and textures like the striped dress and blazer pairing above, add it to a monochrome chambray look for a pop of print, or use it to dress up a pair of colored skinnies. The best thing about trying out this trend with a belt is that it's also the most affordable way to start working calf hair into your fall wardrobe.


Calf hair bags are popping up in every store and from just about every designer. If you're like me, you have about five on your fall wish list. I'm dying for a calf hair cheetah-print clutch, but I'm also loving this tri-tone Céline beauty. 

Hats, Jewelry, and Clothing
Calf hair is taking over. Bags, shoes, and belts aren't the only furry items in stores anymore. This fall calf hair is being introduced in a plethora of options—hats, jewelry, and clothing. Designers are starting to make this uncommon material, commonplace. When wearing these new calf hair pieces I suggest mixing and matching them with different colors, textures, and materials! Doing so adds dimension and creates a high-end, put-together look. 

Whatever way you decide to try this trend this fall, avoid constantly petting yourself. Save the petting for private.

Photos: Shoes courtesy of What Courtney Wore, House of Harper, and Atlantic-Pacific. Belts courtesy of Lilly's Style, My Showroom, Michaela Noelle Designs, and Brooklyn Blonde. Bags courtesy of Brooklyn Blonde and This Time Tomorrow. Hat courtesy of Cheetah is the New Black. Bracelet courtesy of Pink Peonies. Bomber Jacket courtesy of Trop Rouge.

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