Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch (Chapter 4)

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Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch (Chapter 4)

How to Buy Clothes Online

As an online shopper, I find myself an expert in this subject. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of mistakes, however.

For those of you ladies who are too busy to go out and shop on the weekends, find yourselves living in an area without adequate shopping opportunities, or simply enjoy shopping online, here are some tips so you never make the mistake of ordering something that doesn’t fit. (Because there’s nothing worse, right?)

Since you can’t actually try on the clothes you’re buying, you have to use your best judgment with sizes. All stores run sizes differently, so make sure you’re somewhat familiar with where you’re shopping. It’s better to buy something too big than too small. You can always work with too-big sizes, but unless you’re willing to lose five pounds fast to fit into the too-small dress by Saturday, I wouldn’t endorse buying too small clothes. When it comes to zippers and buttons, I always buy a size bigger. That way you’ll never risk being unable to button a button or zip up a zipper. With shirts, dresses and skirts that are pull-on or slip on, I stick with my normal size. For shirts with banded bottoms, I also stick with my size since with banded bottoms there’s no risk of getting something too small; the bagginess associated with the banded bottom easily covers up tummy fat. Any shirts that look tight probably are. If you think it looks small, order bigger. Always remember to read the description. Look for fabrics used, and if zippers or buttons are present.

Often times web images aren’t very reliable, so when it comes to color, go with something flawless, like black. How can you mess up black? Reds and oranges are the most tricky since they can vary. Greens usually are safe. Same with browns and pinks. Although there are different shades of those colors, they usually look OK. But be extra careful when ordering reds or oranges. Some reds are more burgundy (or more of a tomato color) and some oranges are either too bright or too dark. Always remember if the color looks risky, pick another one.

Most women know they can’t wear every single style flawlessly. (I do, anyway.) Although I adore them, my body type doesn’t allow pencil skirts, strapless dresses or skinny jeans. My thighs and butt are too huge for skinny jeans and pencil skirts, and my arms are too big (and boobs too small) to wear anything strapless. If you know what you can and cannot wear, then great. You don’t need to be reading this. But if you don’t know, then read on. When it comes to styles, shop safely. Opt for the flowy dress instead of form-fitting one if you think you ate too many Oreos the night before. Opt for a high neck instead of a low v-neck if you think your bra will show, or if it will be too low to wear to work. Opts for adjustable straps instead of non-adjustable. Buy things you can work with. Always remember you own the clothes, not the other way around.