Chaos Theory: Print on Print

by admin

Chaos Theory: Print on Print

Like facing down a tiger, matching prints isn’t for the faint of heart. Look for complementary colors or similar swirls in the pattern—something that creates symmetry. And just remember: Two printed pieces in one outfit is plenty, unless you enjoy making passersby have seizures. Have fun and trust your own instincts. They’re imprinted. (Cough.)


Marni Printed Shirt Dress



An eclectic blend of blue and red on light silk, the patterns on this v-neck Marni shirt dress will definitely make you stand out – in the crowd and on instagram.  


Balenciaga Printed Jacket



With a placket of turquoise surrounded by patterns creeping toward the torso, this Balenciaga jacket is great with skinny jeans and boots for a more demure nod to the print craze. Or layer it up with a bold patterned dress for a c'est la vie print salute. 


Anthropologie Penelope Dress



A Piet Mondrian-like geometry reigns on this sweeping silk Anthropologie dress. Gathered at the natural waistline, it's a flowing nod to prints and a good choice for those who are leery of packing tiger print on top of florals on top of checks. 


Etro Baroque Print Jacket



We love the paisley that bleeds pink down this belted trench. Use it to top off a white, black, or rose dress or throw over another pattern. Either way, this Etro jacket is stunning. 


Banana Republic Printed Knit Dress



Printed with geranium leaves and tied at the waist, this Banana Republic knit dress is a low key alternative to its bolder patterned compatriots. Add sandals and a white patent leather bag and you're ready for work, church, or the Easter bunny. 


APC Camouflage Jacket



Cover up that geranium dress with this camouflage jacket for a bold contrast or just go army on your favorite jeans. Pairing prints can be tricky, so let your eye decide what works and then own it. 


Eliza J Print Shift Dress



Bold pattern, bold color, and everything works. This Eliza J shift dress is, in our humble opinion, the platonic printed ideal. Go it alone or try it with the jacket coming up next. 


Christopher Kane Printed Silk Biker Jacket



We can totally see Pretty in Pink-era Molly Ringwald sporting this printed silk biker jacket. It's '80s with a badass rosy twist.