Christmas Shopping Around L.A.: The Americana at Brand

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Christmas Shopping Around L.A.: The Americana at Brand

There are many reasons to take a vacation in Los Angeles. The LA area has something for everyone, and the holiday season is no exception. Don’t let the lack of snow fool you.

A favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike is shopping. Granted, this holds true regardless of season, but the holiday months really turn it up a notch.

Should your vacation plans find you in Southern California, namely Glendale, then you must stop in at The Americana at Brand. Much like its sister location The Grove, The Americana is not just a place for shopping, but rather an experience. There are stores, many of which most people can’t afford, and great places to eat, but it is the overall atmosphere that really sets the mood.

For Christmas, they have lighting and decorations strung over the entire property, and many of the tenants that live above the stores in the luxury apartments decorate their balconies as well. It’s quite festive. If you only have a limited time to commit to your visit, consider timing your arrival just prior to sunset. This will allow you to appreciate the transformation of The Americana from sunny and hip to a winter wonderland (but still hip).

Santa will be visiting The Americana every night in December through Christmas Eve.

The Glendale Galleria is directly across the street and there is ample parking for both locations. The Americana also has a nice gated play area for children.

Photo courtesy of Whit Honea