A Click Fix

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A Click Fix

Virtual Iron Chef

After the Scrambled Egg Incident of 2005, my fiancé does all the cooking in our house and my access to the kitchen is limited. In fact, every time I handle a kitchen knife, he audibly winces as if I’m about to puncture an artery with each apple I core. But this doesn’t stop me from believing I’m one purchase away from being Nigella Lawson. One of my favorite things to buy is cookbooks. After all, it takes no culinary skill to turn a page! The site ecookbooks.com has a terrific selection of discounted books, and if you spend more than $50, they throw in a free subscription to a Conde Nast magazine like Gourmet. The selection is huge, and yes, they even have books on scrambled eggs.


Promotion Prepwork

When you picture your career taking a leap forward—admit it—you start to accessorize the promotion. I know I do. I dream of the little professional black shift I’ll wear rushing down the hall to a deeply important meeting. I like to think of the new glasses I’ll sport, perched studiously on my the end of my nose as I look over my brilliantly penned memo on how to save the company squillions of dollars, and most of all, I dream about how I’d decorate the corner office. To me, nothing says pedigreed professional more than a sculptural paperweight. It’s artistic, practical, and old-school glam. Think of Joan Crawford running a magazine and imagine the I-got-it-in-Venice paperweight she’d have. My own would be patterned and monogrammed, not unlike these desk baubles by iomoi. Just having one sit on top of my invoices gives my pile of filing more je ne sais quoi.


EMS for Your Closet

Boring Outfit Syndrome (B.O.S.) can strike at any time. The symptoms are usually discovered in the morning as your closet hangs open and you feel a dull pain with each hanger you lift. Sighing and moaning, you throw on some blah outfit and avoid your reflection the rest of the day. The danger of B.O.S. is that it’s highly contagious. Soon, every outfit is as dull as a dental checkup. Short of a total wardrobe-ectomy (time consuming and costly) what’s a girl to do? Here’s the cure: a patchwork obi. Throw it over any jeans + T-shirt and it gives the whole ensemble a witty, left-bank-boutique look. Think of buying one as preventative medicine.  

Photo courtesy of Claudia Meyer

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