Clothing Allowance

by admin

Clothing Allowance

I have a new rule. I buy one new article of clothing and two have to leave the house. If I have not worn something for over a year or want to save it just in case I can fit into it, it goes, too. Fortunately, I have a friend the same size as I am and she is delighted to get my hand-me-downs. If it’s worn out or not something worth wearing, I toss it out. When I get the itch for a new article of clothing, sometimes I’ll head to the local high-end second hand thrift stores. Often I can get a nice shirt a fraction of the cost and it fills the need to “shop.” Another fun thing to do with girlfriends is a clothing exchange. Everyone brings the clothes they no longer want or wear and you exchange. It costs nothing, you get the thrill of a “new” article of clothing, and it’s just fun. Have a potluck, drink some wine (or non-alcoholic beverage of choice), visit, and just have a fun evening. Any clothes that are left over or not picked out can go to a local clothing closet or charity of choice. 

I don’t think I’ll ever lose my desire to shop, but I’m trying things to keep it under control. Also, with the holidays coming up, it’s a good time to put things in their proper perspective. It’s a time to buy clothing or other gifts for people that really need and will appreciate them. I’ll buy a sweater now and then, instead of two and get rid of several that I don’t wear or the color just wasn’t right. When my jeans get a little raggedy, I’ll use those as my casual jeans and buy another pair that are dressier and newer. I also try to buy items that are mix and match and can go with different pants and skirts. 

One thing I will not compromise on is my favorite brand of bikini panties. I buy what fits me the best and what I like the best. I toss out the worn panties that are faded and thin with bad elastic. I go every three to four months and get a new supply on sale. 

My dresser and closet is still too full, but it’s a work in progress. I’ll just keep trying!