C’mon Y’all: Souther Style Fashions

by admin

C’mon Y’all: Souther Style Fashions

Step into a style that is uniquely US of A…American and proud…subtle yet sultry…strong and sexy…country style! The sweet southern miss with her big, bea-U-T-ful hair, luscious curves and darling drawl makes men melt and NOT just from that southern summer heat & humidity! Just a look at her clothesline with short jean shorts, sexy tank tops and pretty little dresses and a fella might just go off half cocked with images of Daisy Duke serving up a lil’ home cookin’! Getting your own Southern style fashions is as easy as fallin’ off a greased log backwards (ya, just that easy).

Boots…a must for Southern style fashions. These ain’t your mama’s boots baby! Two step into boots that fit your personality ~ traditional browns and blacks, solid colors, two-tones, three-tones or even flowered! Hug your hips in demi curve or slight curve Levi’s and all eyes will be you as you shake your moneymaker doing that boot scoot boogie!

The moden southern woman’s country style isn’t all sexy shorts and long tan legs…well, not entirely anyway! Choose soft, feminine ‘lunch meeting‘ country styles for those afternoons planning charity events or church socials, playing bridge or just sharing a lemonade on the porch. Summer country styles in pastels or bright summer shades flatter every southern belle.

Hot summer nights are steamy in casual country styles. Attract your redneck romeo in Southern style fashions like tube tops, short shorts, short-alls, flirty dresses and skirts.