Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Give You the Look You’ve Been Dreaming About

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Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Give You the Look You’ve Been Dreaming About

The Impact of the Chin on the Overall Look of the Face
Of all the features of the face, the chin is often one of the most overlooked when considering one’s own face. It’s tempting to focus on the eyes, nose, and mouth and forget that protrusion at the bottom of them. However, other people often see only our profile and, if a chin is nonexistent or misshapen, it affects our overall look. A lot of people with very small or nonexistent chins are amazed when they take a long hard look at their side profile in the mirror. If this is the case, cosmetic chin surgery to improve your look is the key to achieving the appearance you desire.

What Happens with Cosmetic Chin Surgery
Cosmetic chin surgery is a permanent and fast solution to the problem of a recessed chin. A recessed chin can make facial flaws look more pronounced, such as people who have bite issues with their teeth or the appearance of a double chin. One type of cosmetic chin surgery usually involves a small cut being created within the mouth or below the chin. This causes a small area to develop in which to fit the prosthetic chin. It’s located up from the chin bone and underneath its muscle. The area is tiny enough to keep the prosthetic chin securely in place. If an incision is made below the chin, the scarring is slight.

Another form of cosmetic chin surgery involves a cut being made within the mouth. A piece of chin bone is repositioned to form the desired chin, and is firmly set in place. There is no scarring to be concerned with since the surgery is completely internal. If soreness occurs from the surgery, mild pain relievers are often prescribed.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Chin Surgery to Improve your Look
The ability to look better as a result of cosmetic chin surgery in and of itself is a great benefit. Yet, there are still other benefits to going through with the surgery enhancement. Here are some of them:

  • People will perceive you as better looking.
  • Sad but true—pretty people have been proven to earn more money.
  • The opposite sex will find you a bit more stunning, especially from the side.
  • Hollywood actors/actresses and models often have strong jaw lines. Congratulations, you just joined their ranks!
  • An unsightly double chin that has hung around for years may suddenly disappear.
  • The chin becomes well-proportioned in relation to the rest of the face, making a larger nose appear smaller.
  • Many people who know you may realize you look different, but may not be able to quite put their finger on how you’ve changed
  • This is a permanent augmentation that doesn’t have to be redone every few years like a knee or hip replacement.
  • Gives a long, lean appearance to the neck that adds a graceful quality to your visage.

What to Expect Post Surgery

Chin surgery has minimal bandaging and care compare to some other types of cosmetic surgery. If the chin augmentation surgery occurred outside of the mouth and under the chin, a small bandage will be applied for a two- to three-day span of time. There will be some soreness and tenderness in the chin area that will last for a few days. Eating may be restricted to a soft or perhaps liquid diet for a couple of days to reduce pain and pressure to the area. The chin region may feel as if it’s being pulled slightly for a few days, but this generally subsides quickly.