Creating a Casual, Chic Look

by admin

Creating a Casual, Chic Look

Casual chic is a look that transcends age and economic strata. With a few good pieces and a little planning, anyone can achieve this timeless look. Here’s what you need:

Jeans: Jeans are the staple to any casual chic wardrobe. The trick here is the fit. As humbling as trying on jeans can sometimes be, make sure that you only buy pairs that flatter your figure type and are neither too tight nor too loose. Comfort counts too. You’re not going to want to wear jeans that pinch or bind. Don’t limit yourself to shades of blue; black and grey work well too.

T-Shirts: Cotton tunics and tees are the other piece to the casual chic puzzle. Avoid looking like a tourist or teenager by choosing items with unique shapes or colors, such as boat-neck shirts or tunic-length tees. Choose subdued colors, such as plum, deep red, and navy, that are flattering to most figure-types.

Layers: Create the seemingly nonchalant, layered look by adding a sweater coat, draped cardigan, or open, cotton-knit jacket to the mix.

Shoes: Complete your casual chic look with a pair of flats, such as ballet flats. Choose a simple pair in navy or black or opt for a dramatic contrast to a monochromatic look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on shoes; you can often find affordable, quality flats at stores like TJ Maxx or online from Zappos and Endless.

By Sandy Mitchell