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Creative Ways to Accessorize on a Budget

In our Marie Antoinette-fueled daydreams of unlimited wardrobe budget (but no guillotine), we have fresh accessories for every day of the month. Unfortunately, this is real life and sometimes we have to make do. But when your knickknacks are knackered, all it takes is a little creativity.

ASOS Lacquered Effect Stacked Bangle Set

Strung Out: Put a random item on a chain - like an antique key, old subway coin, or a ring that doesn't fit - and wear as a necklace.
Scarfing: Loop a scarf through your jeans as a belt. Or wrap a thin scarf around your head as a headband or around your wrist as a cuff.
Watch It: Hook your watch through a belt loop, a la the pocket watches of yore.
Piled Up: Wear all your bangles instead of just a demure few. Wear several delicate-chained pendants at once. Wrap a pearl necklace several times around your wrist as a bracelet.
Recycle: When your favorite tights get holes in the toes, cut them off to make leggings. If your coat loses a button, use a sparkly brooch to keep it closed instead.
Get Stoned: Every woman has a few rhinestones floating around. Use a bit of cosmetic glue to secure one to the side of your eye or into the hollow of your neck in place of a necklace.

Amber Adrian

Amber Adrian is a writer with a weird affection for pandas and exclamatory punctuation. Her affection for coffee beans and paperback novels is totally normal. She writes essays, web copy, love letters, and the occasional haiku.

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