Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

by admin

Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

When I moved into my grandma’s house, I inherited her accessories: purple and pink clip-on earrings, strands of costume necklaces, and a box of butterfly pins. But the best wardrobe accoutrement was a drawer full of colorful scarves. Her scarves were not the bulky cotton and wool type I owned; these were thin polyester sheets meant to be worn both in cold and heat, more for fashion than for function. Underneath the carefully folded squares of fabric was a small book entitled, The Art of Scarf Tying. In it were ways to fold scarves I had never dreamed of. Here’s a sampling:

Love Knot
Take a small square scarf and fold it into a narrow oblong. Twist right end over and under left end. Bring ends to back of neck and tie securely. Tuck ends under.

Flip Knot
Use a large square. Spread scarf out with wrong side up. Knot at center. Flip scarf so that knot is inside. Take opposite corners and tie at back of neck.

Twisted Loop
Using a long rectangular scarf, tightly twist entire length of tie. Bring the two ends together and scarf will twist by itself. Hold center loop open. Circles around neck and pull free ends through loop.

Place an oblong scarf around neck and knot. Twist ends together and circles twist around knot. Tuck ends under rosette to secure.

Side Loop
Fold oblong scarf in half and place around neck. Bring ends through loop and pull in opposite directions until loop is comfortably snug.

Baby Head Wrap
Fold large square scarf in half with open edge at top. Fold top layer down to bottom edge. Flip scarf over. As a guide, place finger at center of top edge. Fold top two corners down to bottom edge, forming two triangles. Roll bottom edge up a third of the way. Place on head and tie under chin.

Cummerbund Waist Wrap
Use oblong scarf and place around waist from the front. Cross ends in back and twist. Bring twisted ends forward. Knot securely. Leave ends free or tuck under.

Beach Plunge (for some risqué scarf wear)
Fold two square scarves into triangles. Tie the two scarves together at center points of the triangles. Tie two upper points behind neck and bottom points at back. 

While I’ve yet to wear a baby head wrap to the beach, I have managed to spruce up a few otherwise boring outfits with a splash of grandma’s color. I’ve worn a red rosette, and a multi-color love knot to generate some love during those times when I’m not feeling so lovely. Though my default scarves are still my thick wool ones (it has been cold, even in California), spending a little more time to fashion a fancy tie is always worth it.