Crushes on Clothes

by admin

Crushes on Clothes

I’ve had a lot crushes in my lifetime: bag crushes, shoe crushes, clothes crushes. Today, I came across a scarf that was made in Paris that crushed me to the core. I have a love for clothing that is made in Paris; it’s a weakness of mine. I blame it on my mother for taking me there so many times. Thanks mom.

Back to finding this scarf, it was hanging around a mannequin that was wearing a simple navy blue dress. I thought to myself perfect, I have a dress just like that. Asking the sales associate if they had any others is something I don’t enjoy doing. It makes me feel like I’ve put out an amber alert that says to them she’s interested, able, and willing to purchase this garment. Of course, they had another one in back stock.

I put my purse down in front of the mirror and tried it on. It was perfect. Good color for my complexion, hair, and would go with “everything” in my wardrobe. These are the excuses I use way too often that my boyfriend doesn’t believe anymore. We have been together for seven years; I’ve had to get pretty creative with my excuses.

What goes through my mind whenever I find a true crush of mine is, is it too expensive? and will I be able to wear it in the fall? But instead of making the decision right then, I go with my system. I decide to wait it out, leave the store, and go home. By waiting it out, I have avoided those “less than perfect” items that would have sat unused in my closet. I have to wait and see if I’ve developed a kinship with it.

In this scenario, I decide to wait. There are so many scarves out there in the world that if it does get bought, I have other options. I walk around the store to look at everything else they have and don’t form any other crushes. Thank God. Then I leave the scarf behind, knowing that if I do think of it over the next couple of days, I’ll go back and look into purchasing the scarf. All I know is that I’m still thinking about the scarf.