Dainty Diamond Styles are a Girl’s Best Friend

by admin

Dainty Diamond Styles are a Girl’s Best Friend

You don’t need a significant other, thousands of dollars, or even a good reason to sport a little ring bling. Dainty diamond styles are officially a great look for any finger and for any occasion. There are loads of pretty, non-engagement diamond rings to be adored and worn by fashionistas just like you! 

Styling tips:

Keep it simple. These are not statement or cocktail rings. These rings should have thin bands and catch the eye because of their beauty, not size.

Try layering. One ring looks great, but wearing multiple dainty rings is also a fashionable look!

Choose one metal. While layering rings is a good idea, mixing metals is not. There are plenty of rings you can mix metal with, but with fancier diamond rings, keep things classic. Stick with gold on gold.

Here are a few of our favorite “any finger” diamond styles from around the web.

1. Ariel Ring with One Diamond
2. Circle Ring
3. Diamond Filligree Ring
4. Diamond Baguette Ring
5. Chrissie Rockwell Ring
6. Bateau Ring
7. MacKenzie Ring Rose Gold
8. Atreyu Ring
9. Bar Ring
10. Diamond Band
11. Dainty Stacking Pavé Ring
12. Diamond Teardrop Ring
13. Double Finger Black Diamond Ring

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