Damn, Your Ass Looks Great!

by admin

Damn, Your Ass Looks Great!

Everyone loves a great pair of jeans. Well, maybe “pairs” … they are kind of like potato chips: you can’t just have one! I am no exception. I have gone from Chic, to Gloria Vanderbilt, to Levi’s 501, to Girbaud. Many have been worn to almost a baby-blanket soft. Others were just a bad idea to start out with. I know Fiorucci was hot in the ’80s but please … I was never and will never be a Go-Go or Pat Benatar no matter how hard I try. As I reminisce about the days when jeans cost $35, I am slammed in the face by a teenage daughter carrying a pair of True Religions for $200! Come on

Then I have a “come to Jesus moment” and realize I am the example of the consummate consumer. I am a jean-loving, “gotta have them” mom. Children will do what you do, not what you say. I hate it when that happens! So, I am the one who has her jeans nicely folded in the closet in rows by cut, designer, and color. I have my favorite “hang around the house” jeans and the black, skinny-leg “fierce-looking-for-out-on-the-town” ones. Stop me before I go into a complete repertoire of my jean assortment. I promised this would be informational and fun. A place I could use the ole’ mommy noodle. Okay, okay, here it is. This is a list of some of the best jeans ever, or for now, I should say.

What is Madewell you ask? Well … “effortlessly cool, totally original, and full of edited, Downtown-chic essentials.” They are made of the high-quality Japanese and Turkish denim. It gives it a soft, vintage feel and a true indigo richness. The editorial staff from many major fashion magazines voted this their favorite as well. Personally I love these jeans. These skinny jeans are the “bomb” and if Madewell was a person, she’d be my best friend! There is one free standing shop at the Domain in Austin, a great shop, awesome selection, and wonderful sales staff.

Lucky Brand

Yes, the groovy shop in the mall with the hippish salespeople and the blaring Creedence Clearwater Revival CD. But, I have to tell you, for someone who loves the old school button fly jean this one can’t be beat. They have a variety of styles, fits, and washes. You can actually go on their Web site and fill out what you want in a jean fit and there’s your match! Mid-level pricing and they just get better the more you wear them.

True Religion
These are some of the best-fitting jeans that make your butt look awesome. The stitching down the leg creates the perfect optical illusion of length and leanness. The detail on the back pockets doesn’t hurt either. The horseshoe design is a little much sometimes but once again, your ass looks great. The rise in these is short and should be considered when trying on and bending over! Pricey and hard to justify so you better love them before dropping two c-notes on these babies. You can find them at almost any high-end department store or boutique.

J Brand
Great mix of denim and stretch. They are “classic and sophisticated jeans with the emphasis on fit”—with one mandate: creating a timeless product. Paying careful attention to details and clean, dark finishes, together they have created a combination of sexiness, style and comfort in women’s jeans.

Adriano Goldschmied jeans. These offer something for everyone. Great fit, many different rises and lengths. Nice mix of cotton and elastan. These are the jeans that Oprah had on her show. She loves “The Club” jean, I prefer “The Angel.” Either way you can have a heyday at this full service website for everything denim. Mid-to-high pricing but the Web site offers free shipping and free returns if that helps.

Hudson Jeans
Hudson jeans are inspired by the idea that the right pair of jeans should be both flattering and lavishly comfortable, while naturally complimenting individuality with a sense of style. Known for unparalleled fit and craftsmanship, the iconic union jack logo and signature triangle flap back pocket, Hudson Jeans has become a leading innovator in the premium denim market. I love the fit of these. They really mold to your body without stretching out in the legs and rear end. They also come in a variety of styles and washes. Highly priced but I think well worth it.

I do have a couple of quick gripes. Some jeans I find are too embellished or trendy. I also don’t understand the rage surrounding some that cost around $500 for some special “who-who” blend and finish. Give me a piece of high grain sandpaper and I can age/hand finish any pair!

Okay, one more—I hate the baggy, pleated, full-cut “Mom” jeans. If you know anyone who is wearing these or might have them in her closet please do her a favor and have a jean intervention. If all else fails, go in and steal them, shred them into little pieces, and dispose of them in a landfill.

So you have some of my favorites. I am sure you have many of your own. Please e-mail me and tell me which kinds are your favorites and why you love them. I am always looking for an excuse to get a great new pair of jeans; they will be for future “research,” I assure you!