DC Interview: Emily & Elizabeth Kennedy

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DC Interview: Emily & Elizabeth Kennedy

Today, we’d like to introduce you to not one, but two of the girls that make us Divine: twin sisters Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy. These girls—the voices of Fashion Column Twins and frequent contributors to this site—provide our favorite twofer with daily outfit posts. Emily prefers classic, feminine clothing while Elizabeth leans toward boho vintage. Their chic styles are sure to inspire you. Meet these Divine girls.

Names: Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Occupations: Copywriter (Emily) and Social Worker (Elizabeth); both are freelance fashion columnists for the local newspaper

Fraternal or Identical? We have to ask: Who's older?
Identical; Elizabeth is older.

Who inspires you most? Where do you find style inspiration?
We get inspired by the people in Lawrence. It's an eclectic community and people watching serves our inspiration well.

What's in your handbag?
Makeup, deodorant, lotion, wallet, shades, and a calendar. (We're old school.)

What staple items should every girl have in her closet?
A good quality pair of skinny jeans, flats, a leather jacket, trench coat, a basic quality t-shirt, a black dress, a pair of black heels, and sneakers.

Best Advice you've received?
Every day, Dad would say to us "Make it a good day today," meaning we have control of how our day is going to turn out despite what happens.

Describe your happy place
The beach

Celebrity style crush?
Elizabeth's: Rachel Bilson and Olivia Polermo. Emily's: Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba.

What is something that people don't know about you?
We used to be tomboys and play a lot of sports.

What's your biggest accomplishment?
We would say the growth of our blog. It's brought a lot of cool opportunities our way that we never thought were possible when we first started it.

What's your to-go style look?
Emily: Right now it's skinny jeans, sandals, a t-shirt, and utility jacket. Elizabeth: Boyfriend jeans, a t-shirt, flats, and maybe a hat.

What's the biggest fashion mistake you see women making?
Wearing things that are too tight or way too baggy.

What's the most rewarding thing about your blog?
The feedback and knowing we're giving fashion inspiration to the readers

Do you share closets?
Yes. We're constantly borrowing each other's clothes.

The splurge piece you're dying to own…
Emily: Manolo Blahnik pumps. Elizabeth: Chanel bag.

What's the best part about being twins?
You always have a partner: a yoga partner, a running partner, a shopping partner.

What's your fashion philosophy?
If you're not comfortable, don't wear it.

Coffee or Tea? 

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to a girl who doesn't think she can be stylish or trendy?
The beauty of fashion is that everyone has different tastes so don't be afraid to embrace your own personal style whatever that may be.

What made you start your blog?
Emily was working for a magazine at the time when blogging was becoming really popular. She learned a lot about it, and that's when we decided to start our own about fashion; something we have always had a passion for.

When you're not working on your blog, what are you doing?
We like to run, do yoga, treasure hunt at antiques and vintage stores, and go to the farmer's market.

What's your favorite thing about blogging?
We like being able to look back at our old blog posts and see how our style has evolved. It has been a great way to meet new people with similar interest. We also love that we are creating something to call our own.