Designers Flora Shepelsky and Tomer Amar Top Off this Season’s Hottest Looks

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Designers Flora Shepelsky and Tomer Amar Top Off this Season’s Hottest Looks

With all eyes on New York Fashion Week, the one question enquiring minds want to know is “What are the must-have items for fall?” Besides wearing the right clothes, no outfit is fully complete without the right accessories. That’s where Flora Shepelsky of Design by Flora and Tomer Amar of Sherel's Hats come in. Amar knows a thing or two about why matching the right hat can make or break an outfit. Amar’s creations can be seen on “Gossip Girl” and Hollywood celebrities such as Hilary Duff. Lucky for us, DivineCaroline got up close and personal with the designer duo to get the scoop on how you too can look en vogue!

DivineCaroline: What are the favorite looks for the fall season?
Tomer Amar: Animal prints, emerald green, and cobalt blue are what’s trending in the fashion world. It is going to be a colorful season that will be full of fun.

DC: Why can hats completely change the look of any outfit?
TA: What’s so interesting with these patterns is they really pick up the heavier fabric we tend to wear in the cold weather. I love the warmer clothes because with so many layers, you can add so much color to it to really make your outfit stand out and express yourself.

DC: Why are hats one accessory a woman should pay attention to?
TA: Hats can change the complete look of any outfit. Hats come in many different shapes so it can be worn to be casual or powerful. Hats can give a dramatic look, a laid-back look, or sportier look.

DC: When it comes to your collection tell me about the different hats a woman has to choose from?
TA: We have berets, knit hats, dressy hats, cocktail hats and knit headbands.

DC: What words would you use to describe what the right hat does for a woman’s outfit?
TA: Fun, flirty, chic, elegant, colorful, stand-out, cool, sleek or classic look.

DC: Can you elaborate on why you can give this illusion?
TA: With a cocktail hat I love the use of flowers. A pull-on hat looks great with a big bow.

DC: I assume fabric is key?
TA: We use a variety of fabrics such as wool, satin, velour and acrylic.

DC: What items can a woman pull from her closet to complement these hats?
TA: If a woman wears a lot of neutral beiges I suggest a maroon hat or an emerald green hat. I like adding a pop of color.

DC: How can a woman take a solid color hat and add a splash of bling?
TA: We have several types of pins and accessories that can attach on to the hat to give it a jeweled look.

DC: How does a woman match her shoes with her hat?
TA: We like to match the shape of the shoe with the shape of the hat. For example, a pointy shoe can go with a pointy hat. A more-square toe will go well with a bigger brim, flat-top hat.

DC: Since people look at us from head to toe tell me, Flora, why is having the right hairstyle crucial for pulling off a model-type look?
Flora Shepelsky: Hair gives everything a polished look. I suggest hair extensions. They are great, easy and affordable. They also help make your hair look great because it gives you a thicker look.

DC: How many different colors do extensions come in?
FS: We have five common shades. One black, two browns and three blondes and each set runs about $100.00.

DC: Why are hair extensions beneficial?
FS: Many of my clients like to blend two or three different shades together. It really helps give you a polished look and the different shades blend well with many skin types.