Discount Shopping: Best Bang for Your Buck?

by admin

Discount Shopping: Best Bang for Your Buck?

There are hundreds of stores available to men and women today. All of which will cater to different lifestyles, income levels, and personalities. For many of us, shopping can either be a blissful afternoon out, or a burden that we just need to deal with.

Whether you’re out shopping for a specific occasion, or to update your wardrobe – advertisers make sure to lure you in many different directions. Rememberfashion is a business and a huge money maker. Many clients I speak with are quick to admit that they love the inexpensive clothing stores. “You get so much more clothing, for a fraction of the price!” is what statement echoes most frequently.

But are these stores useful? Do they really help make us savvy shoppers? Are we really saving money?

Let me tell you first, that it’s suggested that you spend 5-10 percent of your gross annual income on your clothing. That includes your inner/outer wear, as well as your intimates. I can almost hear half of you reading this, “That’s it?”

The thing that most people fail to remember is that you are supposed to build your wardrobe. Not wear it for a season—toss it out—and start all over again. Each season and purchase will add to the wardrobe of your dreams, and should do nothing less.

But is this the case for most men and women? A lot of women (especially) go into stores like, H&M, Old Navy, Winners, Costa Blanca, and Forever 21, delirious about the fact that they only spent $200.00 and came out with bags full of clothing and accessories. But because of the quality of clothing, and the fact that its “Trendy” means that all of this clothing will also be tossed into amity three months later as the clothing will either be worn out from poor quality, or because it’s outdated already. As a result, these women have to make another trip out to the stores for another wardrobe and end up spending more than someone who initially put money into an “investment piece.”

Let me clarify, I’m not against these stores. I think they are wonderful for certain things! I recommend purchasing classic items in splashes of colour that are in a high quality (think of something from Holt Renfrew, Bergdorf’s, etc)—and purchase trend items from the more inexpensive stores. This way, you’ll be adding to your wardrobe without throwing your money in the garbage and constantly making frustrating trips back to the shops.

This way, you’ll ensure that you have a wardrobe that not only works for you, but one that makes you shine for years to come.