Dish: Berkeley, CA

by admin

Dish: Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, California is known for the free speech movement, hippies, and the incredible culinary artist, Alice Waters. But fashion? Most of the time you can’t decipher who is homeless or who really just doesn’t care about what sort of ensemble they leave the house in. Additionally there is more college spirit (in the form of blue and yellow sweats) than I’ve ever seen from any university town. Go team go and all that nonsense, but c’mon, is it so hard to throw on a pair of Citizens for Humanity jeans and some cute Pumas?

I digress.

College Avenue in Berkeley is a misnomer. Surprisingly the school spirit dwindles and the number of fashion-tellectuals increases. College Avenue is home to some very choice boutiques one of my favorites being Dish. Owner Desiree Alexander opened her store at 2981 College Avenue nearly twelve years ago. Recently she created a 400 square foot loft to sell home items!

It’s a quaint store with a small window usually housing understated, but classy and fashionable window display. It’s clear Alexander and her fashionable cohorts put thought into what designers they choose to vend not only by the window merchandising but the selection in the store. Shoshanna swimsuits are difficult to find other than at department stores, but Dish has them. Versatile Splendid t-shirts with Citizen for Humanity Jeans? This quaint little boutique will, well, Dish those out and more for ya!

Of recent, my favorite find at Dish is Amo&Bretti. The husband and wife duo from Toronto have redefined knitwear. Their cashmere is one of the most delectable entrees at Dish!

But if you can’t find your cup of tea at Dish in Berkeley, try Dish in San Francisco. My appetite for shopping in the East Bay has been satiated, but as for San Francisco, I need to get to Dish on 541 Hayes Street!