Disney Princess Swimsuits Will Enchant Everyone At The Beach

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Disney Princess Swimsuits Will Enchant Everyone At The Beach

Swimsuit brand Enchanted Bikinis has brought our Disney Princess dreams to life in our favorite place: the beach! The brand's mission is to "let the princess in you glow and enchant everyone and everything around" without the costume. While they aren't the only swimsuits to help you channel your inner Disney Princess (although Hot Topic's versions are a little edgier than these), you're still going to want to prepare yourself for a day of sun, sand, and plenty of compliments.





No tail required to live out your Ariel dreams under the sea (or on the beach) with this adorable suit. Complete with a sea shell-lookalike top, all you need is a clamshell bed to put the whole look together.





Sleep like a beauty on your beach towel with this pretty in pink suit inspired by Princess Aurora and modeled by @princessperplexity. We can’t get enough of those off-the-shoulder straps, but you’ll definitely want to regularly reapply that sunscreen to avoid tan lines. The Aurora suit is still being produced, but when it finally comes available, you’ll be able to find it in both pink and blue, just like the movie!





With all of the Beauty and the Beast hubbub in the world right now, creating a suit that is worthy of all of our Belle expecations is hard, but Enchanted Bikinis has done it. The little rose details and the gorgeous off-the-shoulder straps to mimic the Disney princess’ iconic ball gown is absolute perfection.





Our favorite part about this suit isn’t the gorgeous sky blue color or the pretty white details straight from Cinderella’s ball gown; it’s not worrying about losing a glass slipper at the beach! Cinderella is still in the works, but if we look as good as @princessperplexity does in it, we won’t ever want the clock to strike midnight when it’s ready.





Let’s all be honest, who didn’t want Jasmine’s killer outfit in Aladdin? The stunning teal color and the removable ties will make you a vision during that magic carpet (beach towel) ride!





Meg’s outfit in Hercules was everything we could want in a dress, but who knew it was exactly what we needed in a suit, too? The gold-colored brooches and scoop neck top make it a comfortable and fun way to rock a day in the sun. Meg’s suit isn’t actually available for purchase yet, but we’ll be ready to go the distance when it is.





TBH, this suit looks like it came straight from Pocahontas, herself (Except for the missing middriff section, of course). Paint with all the colors of the wind (sea breeze) in this beige suit complete with the classic blue necklace. Check out @hendoart gorgeously modeling the suit!





We’re in love with the corset-like top and lace details on this Rapunzel-inspired suit. You’ll totally want to let down your hair before you strut your stuff on the sand in this!


Snow White



You’ll be whistling while you are on vacay in this Snow White-inspired suit. It even includes the cutest red bow on the back of the bottoms, because of course it does.





Ursula might not be the classic Disney Princess, but you’re lying if you don’t agree that this suit will help you channel your inner sea witch. (Everyone has one of those, right?) This one-piece Ursula suit isn’t available yet, but we’re hoping the company works their deep sea magic to get it made!


Royal Selfie



Even Disney royalty has to stop and take a selfie sometimes. Good thing these suits will provide the perfect photo op for you and your friends! All of the suit bottoms are available in both low-waisted and high-waisted styles to (no pun intended) suit every preference.


Now Let’s Get In Formation



Okay ladies now let’s get in formation. (TBH, she might not be Disney, but we could totally see a Beyoncé suit fitting in perfectly here.) Every bikini on the site is available in sizes S-XL. All tops range from an A cup to a DD and include supportive molded cups with underwire. Check out the Enchanted Bikinis website to see if your favorite princess is available!