Don’t Think Me Odd, But …

by admin

Don’t Think Me Odd, But …

The article in the magazine displays a slim, attractive model, wearing a fashionable outfit that according to the editor, we “must have” in our wardrobes. Every accessory is well placed and coordinated with the shoes, the skirt, the shirt, even the makeup is flawless, and the hair so that we know how we might look if we have the same ensemble. There’s a catch, hidden in the small print, located to the side of the large photo that tells you not only who made the clothes, the accessories, but the prices too. Oh my, did you see it?? Are you able to breathe?

I’ve often wondered why the many magazines that cater to women insist on only photographing the overpriced garments and extras that compliment the outfits that are to be worn for various reasons, such as work, or play, or maybe just going to a movie. Come on, $300 for a dress, um, no. In this economy, most of us don’t have that kind of money to spend without feeling guilty and in the second, that $300 could go to something more practical, like a bill or groceries, or maybe into savings for the lucky ones that have a savings account. Yes, the editors mean well when they are laying out the clothing that we see in the pages of their magazines, but do they realize that most of us aren’t that well off? That most of us just dream of owning that upscale coat, or purse??

Sale and clearance are my favorite words and that’s how I like to shop, when I do shop. I admit, I the most I do now is grocery shopping but when I have to sales, and clearance call me first. My checking account screams don’t pay full price! Please, I beg of you, don’t! The wallet just hides in a corner of my purse so I can’t find it which is good since I have to walk away from anything I can’t afford. Does anyone know if there are legitimate rubber checks out there?? If so, let me know, I’d like some.

I am offering a challenge to the editors of magazines, not only to those whose main readership is the female audience, but that of the male too: Include some affordable options alongside the pricey ones that you insert! Is it asking too much? You do remember the recession is not over and there are still plenty of us living paycheck to paycheck. Now, if one more magazine, suggests that I “have to have” some incredibly expensive something, I think I will send them my paycheck stub and say tell me how I can pay for that?? Or better yet, let them buy it for me since they are insisting that it is a must have! Right? I think it’s fair. One can dream.