The Down and Dirty on Denim: Our Favorite Things

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The Down and Dirty on Denim: Our Favorite Things

Let’s be honest; jeans are sometimes a pain in our denim-covered butts. Shopping for them can be a nightmare, sometimes even more horrific than the dreaded bathing suit hunt. But every once in a while, after you’ve traipsed to countless stores and tried on hundreds of styles, you find the Holy Grail—that perfect pair that seems like they were made especially for you. And then the clouds part, the sun shines through, and the angels sing, because your search is over—for a few months, anyway. Members of our editorial team reveal their favorite brands and why they love them so much. 

Allison Ford, Staff Writer
I love skinny jeans, yet I myself am not terribly skinny. This is a conundrum I’ve faced for years. I like my jeans to be sleek and fitted, but most brands’ “curvy” styles are shapeless and baggy. Luckily, there’s an oasis of denim sanity in a world gone boot-cut: Express jeans. The Stella skinny cut is slim and chic, yet forgiving enough to wear every day, and their size eight is really a size eight; no need to up-size just to get the jeans over my butt. The best part about their denim is that it fits right away—no break-in dance required. 

Bijani Mizell, Editorial Assistant
I’ll admit it: I’ve got a badonkadonk backside … which doesn’t always bode well for jeans. Of all the brands I’ve tried (Seven, Joe’s, True Religion), I’ve fallen (back) in love with Gap jeans. They fit over my generous curves and they’re stretchy, so I don’t feel like I’m cutting off circulation to my brain. My personal favorites are the super-dark “Always Skinny” version. Fashion darling Patrick Robinson designs them now, so these are not your momma’s jeans (or worse, Mom jeans). Plus, they don’t cost an arm and leg. Classic. Fitted. Gorgeous. Gap!

Rebecca Brown, Editor-in-Chief
Recently, I decided to venture into the designer denim area at Macy’s to see if the more expensive jeans really are worth the extra cash. After trying on many different brands, one brand and style emerged as the clear winner and declared my answer to that question a resounding yes—Joe’s Muse. Unlike my previous favorite, Lucky, they’re a little softer and don’t dig in as viciously to my sides causing unsightly muffin top. They just comfortably adhere to my body in a way that makes me feel like they’re as okay with my curves as I am. I love a pair of jeans that doesn’t judge. Thanks, Joe’s. 

Natalie Josef, Managing Editor
Gap’s Japanese “selvage” jeans are made from a unique kind of raw untouched denim, designed to form to your body and they fit mine just fine. They’re wearable right out of the dryer without being too tight, but also hold their form after many wearings without getting too baggy. I also like the wash—it’s dark enough to be modern, but if acid wash or good ole regular blue comes back, these jeans won’t look like reruns of The Jetsons

Hmmm … I only bought two pairs—should I have bought three? 

Shyla Batliwalla, Editorial Coordinator
When I look for denims, I look for something that doesn’t create muffin top, is (almost) as comfortable as sweat pants, and that lasts for a long time. I also require that they come in “short.” I hate altering jeans; it completely ruins the look. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those girls who’s religious about maintaining my pristine figure. My size varies … a lot. I therefore refuse to break the bank on expensive jeans. The two times I did were after months of starvation and personal training. Those skinny (expensive) jeans now lay gathering dust as an evil reminder of days gone by. Old Navy is the only store that fits all my criteria. Their jeans are comfortable, cheap, and fit my layers of love perfectly.

Jennifer Hastings, Partner Coordinator
When it comes to jeans, Levi’s brand has always been my first love. The company has kept me fashionable since I was a baby in Levi’s infant overalls, to a big girl in 501 Boyfriend jeans. Whenever I’m out shopping in a big department store and feeling overwhelmed by salespeople trying to sell me $250 ripped jeans, I always ask, “Can you show me where the Levi’s are?” At the secondhand store, nothing beats finding a pair of cheap Levi’s because they last forever—unlike other brands that stretch and wear out with time. I’m a girl who loves a bargain and a brand that I can trust. I wonder what type of Levi’s I’ll be wearing when I’m eighty? 

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