Dressing While Dieting—A Guide to Finding Ways to Make Clothes Work While in Between Sizes

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Dressing While Dieting—A Guide to Finding Ways to Make Clothes Work While in Between Sizes

When on a diet nothing is more exciting than finding that those pants that used to be snug are now a little loose! As the weight comes, off dieters find themselves with a renewed sense of energy and a bit of satisfaction in a job well done, could there be a downside to this? Not really, well maybe one but it is a small one, which is what should dieters wear in between sizes? Some people who do not mind spending a lot of money may go out and buy wardrobes for their in between stages, the rest of us however, do not want to spend a lot of money on clothes we do not plan to wear in a few months. So a dilemma presents itself. Luckily, image consultants everywhere have devised a few tips to assist dieters along the way.

  • The first thing to understand that if you are not yet at your goal weight and not in the size you hope to be, do not start purchasing clothes in that size. It is important to not try to put yourself in clothes that are too tight. For one it is discouraging, it can make you look bigger, and it is just not very flattering.
  • The second thing to understand is that wearing your old large clothing is also detrimental to your progress. It is, for one, discouraging and, two, you are not giving yourself or others a chance to see all that you have already accomplished.
  • Choose clothing that skims your body, that means it is not tight or loose but instead softly envelopes your body
  • Look for garments that possess a little Lycra in the fabric, the Lyrca is a little more forgiving across a few sizes
  • Make use of compression undergarments, they are not as uncomfortable as they used to be, and do wonders to pull people in enough to make a tight garment fit well
  • Choose garments in knits, which as are little more forgiving than tightly woven fabrics
  • Skirts are a easier than pants for transitional dress, just make sure to choose skirts that move away from the body, as opposed to styles that cling
  • Choose pants in a wider leg for a more forgiving cut
  • Make sure any bottoms you choose do not have a set in waistband, as these are easier to alter
  • Choose a few basic garments to get through your transitional period
  • Purchase your basics at stores that do not have high price points. Save the expensive shopping as a treat for when you reach your goal

Hire an image consultant to help you throughout this process, and for when you reach your end goal. Remember that you will be dressing for a much different figure than you had before, and that you may not know how to dress this new figure. It is not uncommon to see people who have lost a lot of weight wear the same styles they used too when they were a larger size.

Often times these styles do not work on the smaller figure, thus taking away from all that work the person put into losing weight. Call upon a trained professional to assist you in enhancing your style so that you look your very best. You worked very hard to get to your new weight so you might as well show off the new you in style.