Ear Cuffs: An Easy Way to Go Punk for an Evening

by admin

Ear Cuffs: An Easy Way to Go Punk for an Evening

Ear cuffs cropped up on the fashion scene a year ago, and now they’re really making a splash. Including such variations as Cara Delevingne’s effortlessly stacked duo at the 2013 Met Ball and Sandra Bullock’s glamorous Oscar gems, we’re taking serious inspiration from our favorite leading ladies and adding some edgy bling this summer.

Ear Cuffs- An Easy Way to Go Punk for an Evening

Ear cuffs are hot this season. This accessory is an easy and commitment-free—hello, clip-ons!—way to edge up any look, day or night. What started as small hoop cuffs stacked on top of day-to-day earrings has evolved into a statement-making, center-of-attention trend. We suggest letting the bling do the talking and keeping the rest of the accessories simple. Shine more light on the look by styling your hair into a killer faux undercut. If you're feeling like a real badass, slick your hair back and line your outer ear with hoops, as punk goddess Rihanna did for the American Music Awards.

Looking for something a little less edgy? We love Georgia May Jagger's spiky gemstone piece. The glam-punk hybrid rests on the upper ear and blossoms out across the top half. Sandra Bullock sported a similar style at the 2014 Academy Awards but limited it to across her earlobe. Not all cuffs are super-embellished. Some of our favorite looks of the moment are simple, understated—if there is such a thing—full-ear cuffs in minimal matte gold finishes.

From subtle hoops to full-coverage ear armor, there's a cuff for every girl and every occasion. The best part? Most don't require extra piercings. So take a note from these cuff rockin' stars, and shop a few of our favorites below.