Early Valentine’s Day Indulgence

by admin

Early Valentine’s Day Indulgence

It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s raining outside, and shopping has never been better! What can I say, it’s after Christmas and I have a wad of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. Wandering through the mall, you find sale after sale after sale. The Spring clothing lines are making their way onto the racks and the Winter fashions are being shoved to the clearance racks—score! How cool is it that it’s still dreadfully cold out and all the Winter gear goes on clearance?

In addition to all the clearance fun, there’s also an overwhelming amount of Valentine’s day gifts and decorations throughout the mall. Many of us will argue that Valentine’s day is one of those “holidays” invented by Hallmark, but I have to admit that some of the stuff they sell for Valentine’s day is really cute. All the corny little heart shaped things, funky candles, and cupid laden gifts. You gotta admit that some of it is just adorable.

Aside from all the Valentine’s day cuteness, my favorite part is the vast variety of chocolates! You know by now that I’m a total shopaholic, but you may not realize that I’m also a chocoholic. If I haven’t admitted it before, I can honestly tell you that shopping and chocolate are my only two vices. That’s not bad, considering that I could be an over-caffeinated, smoking, alcohol drinking machine. But, I’m not! Just take me to the mall and feed me some chocolate and I’m good to go!

Or, change the scenario up just a bit … give me a nice red, heart-shaped tin of Mrs. Field’s premium assorted chocolates and a computer to shop online with and I’m also a very happy camper. I don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping in a mall vs. shopping online. I’m just as happy with instant gratification as I am having brown boxes show up on my doorstep. It’s all good fun to me!

Okay, so I ratted myself out. I stumbled upon a box of Mrs. Field’s premium assorted chocolates the other night; promptly bought them; went home, got into my pajamas and shopped online while indulging in the chocolates. Mmm … now that’s what I call a great night!