Effortlessly Transition From Day to Night

by admin

Effortlessly Transition From Day to Night

It’s that time of the year again when our agendas will soon be filled with festive events to attend straight after work. Now is the perfect time to examine your wardrobe to ensure you have a few indispensable items that will enable you to make an effortless and glamorous transition from day to night.

With the right dress, the right accessories and fresh makeup, you can be out your office door on your way to a party or dinner in just about 20 minutes.

An elegant and simple dress that is feminine but not revealing is a perfect choice. For those in warmer climes, a pretty summer day dress with spaghetti straps can be worn with a well-chosen cardigan that can be removed before leaving the office. Of course a great choice would be the LBD–the little black dress, a requisite closet item. If it is sleeveless, wear it with a blazer and flats and come dinnertime, remove the cardigan and swap the flats for stilettos.

Absolutely essential is a complete redo of your makeup. (Keep an emergency skin care travel kit in your office drawer.) Remove all makeup, tone and moisturize your skin and then re-apply your makeup. Since evening indoor lighting is subdued, accentuate your makeup a little bit more.

Next is your hair. With your head down, brush it thoroughly to add volume. Personally, I prefer my hair to move freely. However, of you prefer to be ‘bien coiffé’ use a light hair spray.

A stunning pair of earrings that suit the shape of your face and complement your attire will boost your look to evening status and create a great impression. Should you choose to wear chandelier earrings, limit other accessories. A necklace would be a definite no-no. If you opt for a dramatic cocktail ring, wear no other jewelry except discreet earrings.

Another indispensable closet item is a sleek clutch bag. Pop it in your chic tote bag before leaving home. In it, you should have one credit card, your driver’s license, a $50 bill, red lipstick, a hand mirror and a handkerchief or tissues and, your cell phone, of course!

As for shoes, high heels but ONLY if you are able to walk straight and tall. Otherwise a pair of elegant low-heels or flats. No stockings if your legs are in great shape or wear black sexy ultra sheers. They are always flattering to one’s legs.

Choose your coat carefully that day. It should be as elegant as the clothes underneath. Remember making a great exit is as important as a great entrance. And with your beautiful red smiling lips, high heels, a clutch and erect posture, heads are sure to turn.

Relax and embrace the festive spirit.