Meghan Markle Would Love This Everlane Choose What You Pay Sale

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Meghan Markle Would Love This Everlane Choose What You Pay Sale

One of the Duchess of Sussex's fave affordable brands is letting you decide the price of sale items. No this is not a trick.

Every time it comes around, it feels too good to be true, like you're living your shopping dreams. But you better wake up, because items are already selling out at the semi-annual Everlane Choose What You Pay sale. Oh, and did we mention that The Day Heel is included? Yes, the shoe that once had a 28,000-person wait list.

Meghan Markle—the literal Duchess of Sussex but our true Fashion Queen—is a huge fan of the brand, famously carrying Everlane's Day Market Tote on her first major outing with then-boyfriend Prince Harry, promptly causing it to sell out. (I mean, come on, it's timelessly beautiful.) We have to agree with Meghan; we love Everlane for its classic pieces, ethical production practices, and pricing transparency.

It's the last thing on that list that inspired Everlane's Choose What You Pay sale, which allows customers to pick between three marked-down prices for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Like most sales, the sale items are pieces with high inventory it wants to sell through. Unlike most sales, Everlane shows what the prices will go toward when you buy. The lowest price covers just the basic cost of producing the item, the middle price adds a little toward company overhead (it will show you exactly how much, depending on which style you are buying), and the highest price includes overhead and future product research and development at Everlane.

No matter which price you choose, all of these items are majorly marked down and we're snapping them up as quickly as we can, because favorites are already selling out! Check out some of our must-have styles from the event, and get your Duchess fashion on.

woman wearing everlane cashmere crew sweater in pink

Get it! Everlane The Cashmere Crew, $100 (now: $70, $80, $90)

everlane the modern loafer in yellow

Get it! Everlane The Modern Loafer, $168 (now: $100, $118, $135)

woman wearing everlane skinny jeans mid-rise

Get it! Everlane The Mid-Rise Skinny Jean, $68 (now: $55, $62, $65)

everlane yellow wrap dress with tank straps

Get it! The Japanese GoWeave Tank Wrap Dress, $100 (now: $60, $70, $80)