Extraordinary Baby Gifts for a Guaranteed Smile

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Extraordinary Baby Gifts for a Guaranteed Smile

The gift basket is still one of the most popular gifts given at a baby shower. There are many small gift-y items one can put into the basket that will make the gift unique. Baby gifts could be things like small development toys and plush bears and handmade outfits. A great gift idea is to add to the basket something for the new mom too. How about a relaxation CD? This can be enjoyed by both Mom and the new baby.

We all know that over the years our kid’s birth certificates can get lost or destroyed. There are baby certificate tubes that can be engraved with all the babies’ information on the outside and you can put the certificate inside for safe keeping. A sterling silver birth certificate tube makes a unique gift and helps to keep the certificate safe. As we all know there will be a day that they will need it.

Baby Toys—soft toys and development toys are good gifts. Try to find toys that will last a long time and the baby can grow with. Surprisingly, there are many toys that do not meet the government safety standards for baby toys. Go with well-known companies like Gund, Fisher-Price, and Little Tikes.
When you get to see the newborn and get that perfect picture, then a picture frame makes a good gift. Many moms don’t get to see some of the pictures taken of their baby and would love to receive a beautifully framed photo of their baby. There are many great frames that can be engraved on and make perfect gifts. You can personalize the photo frame and create a lasting memory.

New to the market are the casting kits for babies. I’m not personally sure yet about casting a baby’s feet and hands but it appears to be quite popular today so I thought I would mention it. I still like the bronzed baby shoes idea and I think that later in life your children would be delighted to see how tiny their little feet were once upon a time. I remember one Christmas I once made little footprints in the ashes from our fire place to the Christmas tree using these old baby shoes under the guise that these were Santa’s boots because he had to shrink to get down the chimney. I thought my young son was going to faint that Christmas morning when he saw them. That was a once in a lifetime moment.

A gift from the new Dad to the new Mom is something very memorable and personal. I highly recommend a beautiful gold or silver locket that would have the baby’s picture added to the inside of the locket. Some mothers add a little piece of the baby’s hair to the inside of the locket. You can engrave the back with a loving personal message for the woman you love. This is a gift that can last a life time so spend a little time and write a meaningful phrase on the back of the locket. I have always said if there is a perfect gift it is the gift of life and the locket will remind her every day of the day she got her perfect gift of life. Be sure to also get a strong chain for this special locket as she will wear this and cherish it for many years to come.