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This $1,800 Pokémon Designer Dress Might Make It Hard To Catch 'Em All

New York City-based Prabal Gurung is reaching out to a younger audience by creating a collection inspired by the '90s fandom.

Remember when you were younger and the goal was to collect all of the Pokémon cards possible? Or how about a few months ago when nearly every person outside was trying to catch invisible Squirtles and Bulbasaurs? Well, our inner '90s child can officially continue celebrating this childhood comeback, as New York City-based designer Prabal Gurung has created a couture collection inspired by the Pokémon brand.

"The Prabal Gurung customer is always a strong, passionate, global and modern woman," the designer said in a press release. "With this collection, we engage a younger clientele who still embraces our elevated sense of style. Working with the Pokémon brand provided a fun and whimsical opportunity to be able to have a conversation with this youthful customer."

The collection is (surprisingly) super adorable and has a wide range of items ranging from printed t-shirts and shift dresses to Charmander-, Pikachu-, and Squirtle-inspired pieces.

However, we might have to admire from afar as the prices are not quite as attractive as the collection, itself. Starting at $325 for a printed t-shirt, the rest of the pieces range from $895 to $1,795. (I think they forgot that their "younger clientele," also have to pay rent).

However, if you still 'gotta catch 'em all,' the nine pieces are available exclusively at Jeffrey New York. Check out some of the items for yourself!

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

Hannah Marsh

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