Fantasy Wardrobe Draft: Our Faves from NYFW

by admin

As summer draws to a close, men everywhere participate in the hallowed tradition of the Fantasy Football draft. They pore over stats, articles, and message boards while they put together the perfect team. Largely, women just don’t get it. But, I do. I get it because every fall, I pore over thousands of photos from the spring collections at fashion week, and hold what I affectionately refer to as my “Fantasy Wardrobe Draft.” I spend hours carefully selecting the outfits that would inhabit my dream wardrobe if money were no object. These are my top outfits from this season’s shows—click through to see what I’ll be wearing if I happen to get invited to the Oscars.


Oscar de la Renta



About a year ago, I went through a serious mixed prints fetish. It was all stripes with florals and polka dots with paisley in this neck of the woods. Apparently, this love has stuck with me like a toxic ex-boyfriend. I’m ready to rekindle my affair with mixed prints, and this plaid and nautical print dress set my heart aflutter!

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Vivienne Tam



I adore how the demure silhouette of this dress contrasts with the edginess of the cutouts. While the model has the body to wear this dress with only her skivvies, I think it would be just as chic with a full leotard layered underneath.


Mara Hoffman



I’m always jealous whenever I pass one of those too-cool-for-school boho chicks on the street. Unfortunately, my high-strung East Coast pedigree precludes me from the bohemian attitude, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get in on the bohemian wardrobe. This dress stole my heart with its funky pattern and laid-back cut.

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J. Mendel



As a child, I thought the highlight of being an adult was getting to wear a business suit. Of course, this was the early-90’s, during the height of the reign of power suits. These days, the only chicks wearing the power suits of my childhood dreams are politicians, bankers, and the frazzled, dowdy women you tend to run into on the subway. I picture this as the creative alternative to my fantasy. Its every bit as chic, but much more fun.

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Herve Leger



This season’s Herve Leger collection blew me away! When the brand began its meteoric rise in popularity a few years ago, I wasn’t on board. The bodycon dresses looked so uncomfortable, like you were squeezing yourself into a full-body pair of Spanx! But this season, I’m a convert! The silhouettes feel more wearable, but the dresses are still just as sexy as they’ve been in years past.

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Christian Siriano



I’ve been a Christian Siriano fan from the beginning, ever since he flitted into America’s heart on Project Runway with his strange hair and his proclivity to call everything “fierce.” Every fashion season the clothing he turns out gets better and better. This wispy dress just oozes sophistication and classic femininity. It’s something that I would have dressed my Barbie in as a child, but also something that I wouldn’t hesitate to wear today.





If I could draft an entire collection into my closet, it would probably be Calla’s spring line. The patterns were spot on, and every single outfit was infinitely wearable (not just in my fantasy world, but in my real world as well).





We’ve already covered my love for mixed prints, but I’m also a sucker for a good twist on classic preppy style. So, it’s probably unsurprising that Ruffian’s whole collection had me a bit giddy. I particularly loved this outfit that mixed the toile pattern of the dress with seersucker stripes on the blazer. Who would have thought Grandma’s dining room wallpaper was so on-trend?


Behnaz Sarafpour



The last few seasons, there has been a serious Mad Men effect reflected in the outfits we’re seeing on the runway. Trust me, I’m not complaining; the three Draper ladies (Betty, Sally, and Megan) are some of the best-dressed gals on TV. You better believe I’ll be seeking out a lace skirt ASAP.


Jason Wu



Let’s pretend I get invited to the Oscar’s (FYI, we’re talking as Best Original Screenplay nominee, and not as a date to the sound engineer on a foreign movie no one has seen or heard of). I’m wearing this dress. Hear that ladies of Hollywood? I called dibs! When this dress came down the runway, the closing outfit of Jason Wu’s truly fantastic collection, I let out an audible gasp. This dress is perfection. So now that I have the dress, I just need to write the Academy Award winning screenplay. Easy, right?

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