Fashion Bites: Blake Lively’s Lady Paws and Lady Gaga’s Monster Mouth

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Fashion Bites: Blake Lively’s Lady Paws and Lady Gaga’s Monster Mouth

The week’s most exciting, surprising, and bizarre moments in fashion brought to you in delectable bite-sized portions. Bon appétit!

Blake Lively Dons Beastly Heels
Maybe she’s having a hard time letting go of Halloween or maybe she scored a role as a jungle cat in a new film and this is her version of method acting. We don’t really know what Blake Lively’s reasons were for wearing these ferocious “lion-paw” Louboutin pumps, but we do know that they make us think of the scene in “Thriller” when Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf. (Via The Gloss)

Vogue Names Mary-Kate and Ashley Best-Dressed Sisters
At last! A magazine cover featuring sisters that aren’t the Kardashians! Isn’t it lovely? Mary-Kate and Ashley topped Vogue’s list of stylish sisters this year, and graced the cover in black lace veils. Runners-up Elle and Dakota Fanning placed second on the list and Beyoncé and Solange Knowles placed seventh. The Kash-hungrians—er, Kardashians—weren’t even mentioned. We’re sure Kris Jennings is campaigning for a do-over. (Via Vogue)

Barney’s New York Wants to Show Us the Inside of Lady Gaga’s Mouth
Just when we thought we’d seen all there is to see of Lady Gaga’s anatomy, Barney’s finds a way to show us more. Namely, the inside of her mouth. The department store is devoting an entire floor to the pop star, calling it Gaga’s Workshop, and filling it with Gaga-curated candy, toys, clothes, jewelry, and CDs. The entrance to the store will be fashioned give shoppers the experience of walking into “the mouth of a giant monster-like Lady Gaga.” Merry Christmas, everybody. The mouth will open November 21. (Via Nymag.com)

U.K.’s Advertising Authority Goes on a Banning Spree
Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority put the smack-down on ads from Marc Jacobs and a British clothing company Drop Dead this week. The Jacobs ad, which featured Dakota Fanning reclining with a flower-shaped perfume bottle blossoming from her crotch, was deemed irresponsible for portraying the seventeen-year-old in an inappropriately sexual manner. The ad for Drop Dead featured a rail-thin model in a bikini with her ribs and collarbone on display; the agency chose to ban the campaign due to complaints that the model appeared anorexic. (Via Fashion Etc.)

Ingenious Drug Smugglers Make Manolos Out of Cocaine
Drugs are bad, kids. But the pure wtf-ness of the fact that anyone thought to liquefy and sculpt cocaine into knockoff Manolo Blahniks is a little bit awe-inspiring. Six drug smugglers/cocaine cobblers were busted this week in Barcelona last week for doing just that.