Fashion Bites: Christian Siriano Goes Bridal Plus Fabergé for Your Feet

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Fashion Bites: Christian Siriano Goes Bridal Plus Fabergé for Your Feet

The week’s most exciting, surprising, and bizarre moments in fashion brought to you in delectable bite-sized portions. Bon appétit!

A-List Actors Strut Awkwardly in Milan Fashion Week
Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Tim Roth, and Gary Oldman channeled their inner Derek Zoolanders this week to walk in Prada’s RTW runway show in Milan, and they delivered more Blue Steels and Magnums than we could ever hope for. But seriously, guys, what’s up with all the ridiculous facial expressions? (Via TheGloss)  

Hong Kong Competition Reminds Us That Our Shoes Are Boring

Hong Kong Fashion Week hosted its twelfth annual Footwear Design Competition this week and the top five designs were so wild that we just can’t look away. The shoes, nay, the architectural works of art included a crystal-encrusted platform wedge with a Fabergé egg nestled in the heel and a leather boat shoe that actually looked like a boat, with a little captain’s cabin ‘n all. In other news, our shoes are officially boring. (Via Bangstyle)

A Column to Squash Your Fashion-Career Aspirations
Fashionista’s new column “Diary of an Anonymous Fashion Assistant” gives us the inside scoop on what it’s really like to be one of the little people in the fashion world, and the drama doesn’t let us down. This week, our real-life protagonist has a run-in with a high-maintenance stylist and an even more high-maintenance former dictator of Libya while on a work trip in Paris. And to think, the most exciting thing that happened to us today was a side of couscous for lunch. 

Ever Wonder Why Vintage Clothes Are So Tiny?
If you’re like us, then you rationalized the tiny waistlines on vintage clothes by telling yourself that all women wore corsets and crazy body-shaping gear in order to fit into those miniscule garments, but YouBeauty suggests another less comforting reason: not only are women bigger nowadays (64.1 percent of women over the age of twenty are considered obese, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), but we are shaped differently than the hourglass women of yesteryear. Evidently, we are more barrel-shaped. Wah-wah.  

Christian Siriano to Launch Bridal Collection
This week the Project Runway winner announced via Twitter that he will be unveiling an exclusive bridal collection for Nordstrom and gave us sneak pic of his first gown, which retails at $2,375. It’s conventionally pretty but not as fierce as we’d expect; here’s hoping Christian wows us with the rest of the collection. (Via Glamour)