Fashion Bites: Octopus Couture, Plus a Dress That Does the Flirting for You

by admin

The week’s most exciting, surprising, and bizarre moments in fashion brought to you in delectable bite-sized portions. Bon appétit!

Berlin Museum Showcases Fun New Uses for Octopi
If you’ve ever strolled the seafood section at your local market and thought to yourself, “These marine products would look great on me,” then you’re probably in the minority, but you’re in good company because some high-profile folks in Germany had the same idea—sort of. Berlin’s Museum for Communications is featuring a collection of photographs of fashion models draped in haute cuisine, courtesy of Austrian chef Roland Trettl. Standout garments include an octopus tunic (which sounds heavy), a quail-egg necklace (which sounds precarious), and a salmon top (which sounds smelly). The museum’s director said the images are not salacious or pornographic, but they do “raise questions.” Indeed they do. (Via Dawn.com)

Techie Dutch Designers Make Worst First-Date Dress, Ever
We don’t know who needed this, but a Dutch design house called Studio Roosegaarde has created a dress made out of “smart e-foils” that turns transparent when your heart rate rises. It’s being marketed as a dress that does the flirting for you, which makes us wonder, is toplessness now considered flirting? Also, is intermittent public toplessness a possibility we want to open ourselves up to? While we here at DC are all for help in the flirting department, we’ll stick to our non-transparent clothing for now and the power of awkward conversation. (Via Fastcodesign.com)

Forever 21 Unveils “Oriental Girl” Necklace, People Mildly Offended
Just a few months after their “Allergic to Algebra” T-shirt scandal, the fast-fashion retailer has added two new possibly offensive products to its inventory: one necklace featuring a so-called oriental girl, and another featuring a Native American girl in traditional garb. Though the blogosphere has taken umbrage to the stereotypes, it seems that such cultural appropriation is fast becoming the norm for such retails (remember the “Navajo Hipster Panties” at Urban Outfitters last month?). Maybe offensiveness just isn’t that offensive anymore.

Audrey Hepburn’s Oscars Gown to Be Auctioned Later This Month
Attention, all ye who are made of money, in need of a fabulous dress for holiday parties, and sufficiently tiny: Audrey Hepburn’s dress from the 1954 Academy Awards will be up for grabs on November 29. The ivory lace gown, which she wore to accept her award for Best Actress in Roman Holiday, is being auctioned by Kerry Taylor Auctions, the same house that sold Kate Middleton’s see-through runway dress for $125,000, and is expected to earn somewhere between $65,000 and $95,000. (Via Fashion Etc.)

Photo source: Wallpapervotex.com