Fashion Bites: Paula Deen’s Clothing Line, Plus Kiernan Shipka’s Grown-Up Style

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Fashion Bites: Paula Deen’s Clothing Line, Plus Kiernan Shipka’s Grown-Up Style

The week’s most exciting, surprising, and bizarre moments in fashion brought to you in delectable bite-sized portions. Bon appétit!

Paula Deen to Make Clothes, Hopefully Out of Butter
The queen of artery-clogging cuisine wants to do more for humanity than slather us in bacon grease and dip us in batter; she wants to drape us in sequins, too. This week, Ms. Deen told Jay Leno that she will be launching her own clothing line, and—as if to entice us even further—she revealed that she was wearing one of her sartorial creations at that very moment! Admittedly, it was difficult to focus on her outfit with all that cheeseburger meatloaf caked on her hands. The only way this proposition could get any better is if she reveals that the clothes are going to be butter-scented. Think about it, Paula. (Via Huffington Post)

Eleven-Year-Old Mad Men Star Is a Mini-Anna Wintour
This week, Kiernan Shipka, the pint-sized actress who plays Sally Draper on Mad Men, made us look back in shame at our woefully unstylish prepubescent years. As a guest blogger for Lucky magazine, the eleven-year-old posted eight photos of her daily outfits with outlandishly sophisticated fashion commentary, such as:  “I donʼt like accenting the heel, because I find it distracting. The outfit stands out on its own.” She also revealed that she loves “classic pieces,” vintage-inspired pants, and has a soft spot for Stella McCartney. You know what we loved when we were eleven years old? Hypercolor T-shirts, slap bracelets, and recess. (Via Lucky)

Hollister’s Dim Lighting Prompts Descent into Chaos
Apparently, Brits have a lower tolerance for poor lighting and shopping-induced vertigo than we Americans do. This week, shoppers at Hollister in Birmingham, England, sounded off in a rather hilarious article in the Telegraph, explaining that the extreme darkness of the store resulted in them bumping into tables, losing their children, and experiencing vertigo. One worker sort of almost tried to defend the near opacity by saying that the dim lights give the store a “casino-feel, where people can get lost in a club-like setting.” Not a very well-thought-out argument, but then again, it’s unlikely that the worker knew she was talking to a reporter when she said this given the fact she couldn’t see anything. (Via Telegraph)

Karl Lagerfeld Gets One Step Closer to Designing Everything on Earth
Between his work for Chanel, Fendi, his eponymous high-end label, H&M, Macy’s, wine producers, and Diet Coke, there are few corners of the planet that remain untouched by Karl Lagerfeld. But the septuagenarian workaholic is setting out to remedy that. The iconic designer will unveil a less-expensive “rock ‘n’ roll-flavored” collection called Karl in late January, followed by pop-up stores in 2012 and 2013. Hopefully sometime after that he’ll take a nap. (Via Fashion Etc.)

Photo source: Luckymag.com