Fashion Bites: Versace at H&M, Gold Shoelaces, and First Lady Fever

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Fashion Bites: Versace at H&M, Gold Shoelaces, and First Lady Fever

The week’s most exciting, surprising, and bizarre moments in fashion brought to you in delectable bite-sized portions. Bon appétit!

Versace Unveils “Night at the Roxbury” Line for H&M
Pictures of the much-anticipated Versace collection for H&M were making the rounds on the Interwebs this week, and the menswear collection is—how do you say—kuh-razy! Don’t get us wrong, if we were Steve or Doug Butabi, one of the cash-strapped, perpetually nightclub-bound brothers from Night of the Roxbury, we’d be stoked on this collection; they are the perfect clothes to complement mounds of hair gel, thick gold chains, and excessive cologne. As it turns out, we’re not either one of those guys, so we’re just confused. We do sort of hope men take to this collection, though, just for kicks. See for yourself at British Vogue

Michelle Has the Midas Touch
It’s official: whatever Michelle Obama likes, big-money retailers like, too. Just off the heels of the announcement that Jason Wu, a longtime favorite of the First Lady’s, will be Target’s next featured designer, Macy’s announced it will be collaborating with Doo-Ri Chung, the designer who dressed the First Lady for a dinner in South Korea last week. Clearly, we’ve all got a little bit of a girl crush going on with Mrs. O. (Via Huffington Post)

Speaking of Midas …
A company called Mr. Kennedy is selling shoelaces made of gold for $19000. Thanks, Mr. Kennedy, for meeting this demand; our regular non-precious-metal shoelaces were totally grossing us out and the fact that they just came with our shoes at no extra cost was utterly repulsive. We here at DC will rest easier tonight knowing that we have the option of spending more than half of a year’s salary on laces that were crafted in Colombia using “ancient artisan jewelry techniques” and that took 120 hours to perfect. (Via Fashion Etc.)

James Franco Wears Suits, Gets Picture Taken
In case anyone momentarily forgot that a) that James Franco exists or b) James Franco is good looking, have no fear. He’s correcting that with yet another high-profile job as the spokesmodel for Gucci’s bespoke suit service, Made to Measure. The new gig makes him the best-tailored actor /author/professor/pilot/crazy person we know.

Nice Day for a Black Wedding
Vera Wang is causing quite a rumpus with her collection of black and nude bridal gowns. We’re loving the broody, dramatic look—are you?