Fashion Bites: Walmart’s Prickly Problem, Plus Pretty Accessories That Do Good

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Fashion Bites: Walmart’s Prickly Problem, Plus Pretty Accessories That Do Good
The week’s most exciting, surprising, and bizarre moments in fashion brought to you in delectable bite-sized portions. Bon appétit!

Prick Me, Baby, One More Time
In case you were thinking of traveling to Cartersville, Georgia, to try on some of the fine garments at the neighborhood Walmart, you might want to redirect your route: four hypodermic needles have been found in clothing in that store. Two people, one of them a fourteen-year-old girl, were stuck with the needles while trying on clothes. And we thought the worst that could happen while shopping there was ending up on the People of Walmart blog. (Via Fashion Etc.)

Nonprofit Makes Killer Earrings Out of Guns  
Renowned cool-guy jeweler Philip Crangi made some beautiful earrings out of AK-47 gun metal for Fonderie 47, a nonprofit organization devoted to eliminating assault rifles in Africa. Profits from the earrings, which retail for $23,000, will go to the Mines Advisory Group, a nongovernmental organization that destroys the weapons. So far, Fonderie 47 has removed approximately six thousand assault rifles with the sales of its repurposed art. (Via New York Times)

Marni Is Coming to H&M
The next big-name designer to turn normally civilized people into a rabid, frothing mob of shoppers by collaborating with H&M will be Italian label Marni. The line, which will feature tribal prints and bold graphics characteristic of the label, will hit stores March 8. Hopefully these pants from Versace will be distant memory by then. (Via Fashionologie)

And Now, in Optical Illusion News …   
New Year’s is coming up, which means many people will be resolving, once again, to get in shape. But those of us who find exercise deplorable now have a much more palatable option:  MollaSpace has created a tote bag that features a profile silhouette of a petite, curvy woman’s torso on the front. Strap one (or two; one on each arm) on and your friends are abound to be impressed with your resolve—at least the ones with really poor eyesight. Just remember to stand in front of a solid-colored background that matches the bag whenever possible.  (Via Refinery 29)

Patagonia Asks Customers to Please Stop Buying Its Stuff 
When most retailers were engaged in promotional acrobatics to get shoppers onto their websites buying their stuff, Patagonia used Cyber Monday to implore customers to take a break from spending and reflect on what impact their consumption has on the planet. Pretty refreshing, don’t you think?