Fashion Tips for Baby Boomer Women

by Not Just The Kitchen

Fashion Tips for Baby Boomer Women

Dressing fashionably for an older woman can be a bit of a minefield because most of the clothing in high street stores is made by designers who have young women in mind. However, with a little care and creativity, you can dress in an exceptionally stylish way without looking like you’ve borrowed your daughter`s clothing.


Avoiding Youth Trends


The old saying “mutton dressed as lamb” applies to older women who are dressed in younger women’s clothing. More often than not, that is unflattering. Even if you have a fantastic figure, wearing styles that are less revealing is a must for a sophisticated older woman to look chic and youthful rather than flamboyantly age-inappropriate.


Generally, it’s a good idea to steer clear of trends that you see younger women wearing and opt for more classic and timeless styles with updated twists. This winter there are going to be a lot of pieces of outdoor apparel and some form-fitting dresses, for example, which exude 1940s glamor in terms of their cut, but they are hitting stores in bright eye-catching colors.


A wardrobe that is kept current is definitely a must too, because a dated wardrobe will also make its wearer seem dated.


Fitting and Sizing


The fit of clothing is important for those who want to look more youthful without looking like they’ve borrowed from a teenager. Clothing which is too small gives the impression that you are trying to wear something old which no longer fits you correctly. It also sparks the assumption that because you wouldn’t intentionally buy something ill fitting, it must have fit you when you bought it and you must have since had time to grow out of it.


Equally, something which is unflattering on your figure because it is baggy in places can equally make you seem older because it can give you a frumpy or unfeminine silhouette. For that reason, you should ensure that clothes fit you comfortably and flatter your figure. Clothing should always subtly emphasize your best assets, such as long legs or a narrow waist, regardless of your age.


A Good Foundation


Good underwear can trim years off a woman’s apparent age by lifting and tightening her silhouette. Shaper garments now come in a range of attractive and comfortable designs making them more suitable for every day wear. It’s surprising just how many women wear the wrong sized bra or cling on to old pieces of underwear that are in need of a serious update.


By choosing new underwear that lifts, supports, and smoothes the lines of your figure you can improve your posture, confidence, and the fit of all your clothing. By opting for the right fit of both underwear and outfit choices, along with some up-to-date styling, a woman can look years younger instantly.


Also, don’t be afraid to have a little bit of glamour in your look every day. For example, a knee-length pencil skirt, silky blouse, and a blazer with some cozy Hunter Welly Socks and calf-length leather boots is a perfectly stylish every day city look for the winter season.


By Not Just the Kitchen