Fashion Week Trends You Need to Be Brave AF to Rock

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Fashion Week Trends You Need to Be Brave AF to Rock

New York Fashion Week: it's like porn for aspiring designers. But for normal humans like us, NYFW can be overwhelming. Although several of the looks are batshit insane, we can't help but be intrigued and wish that we had the balls to rock some of these ensembles.


Platform Shoes



Platform shoes from the ’70s are making a comeback, and Marc Jacobs is right on cue. When one of the top NYFW trends was huge bedazzled platforms, all we could do was hold our breath and hope nobody broke an ankle. Try a more muted pair of platform sneakers, sandals, or booties to feel like you’re right there on the runway.


Rainbow Dreads



We’re obsessed with Marc Jacobs’ wild style choices from his Spring ’17 collection. The rainbow dreads, structured jackets, socks and platforms remind us of our old Bratz dolls in the best way possible.


Insane Headgear



Can you imagine rolling up to class or work wearing one of these? We suddenly have a serious urge to go out and buy—as Selena Gomez would say—a “crazy funky junky hat.”


All the Fringe



The only time I’ve ever worn fringe is to a Great Gatsby themed party, but let me tell you: it was a life-changing experience. Dancing has never been more fun. Maybe ’20s style will make a comeback?


Mixed Patterns



Normally, this many busy patterns would scare us away. But Stacey Bendet, designer of alice + olivia, somehow makes us envy the effortless look these models rocked.





Studmuffin NYC has always been a designer we wish we were badass enough to pull off. Their studded pieces have been sported by Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Missy Elliott, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, Adam Lambert, Baddie Winkle, Nicki Minaj, and more. They’re also known for putting Beanie Babies on their clothes.


So Much Fluff



The Marchesa models who glided down the runway looked like mystical fairies. Currently rethinking our dream wedding dress.


Insane Graphic Tees



Vivienne Tam’s Spring collection owned the runway with rocker-chic outfits. Her ensembles always portray an “East meets West” style that we adore.


These Badass “Hustle” Pieces



This entire collection from Hood by Air was Ghostbuster-esque, and we totally dig it. Jokes began circulating that the shiny liquid on the models’ faces was an *ehem* X-rated material—which was neither confirmed nor denied.


Uh, Whatever These Are



We’re not exactly sure what these outfits are… A shawl? A skirt? A belt? We can’t tell for certain. But what we DO know is that we wish we could pull these Vera Wang looks off.


The Craziest Jackets



These. Are. So. COOL. The bottom right jacket has sequins that flip and change color, so depending on how you’re feeling, you could either rock the goldfish orange or the cornflower blue. Please just take my money already, Libertine. I have nowhere to wear it, but who cares?


50 Shades of Gray Meets the Office



*Wishing I was bold enough to strut into work wearing one of these Taoray Wang numbers*


This Cape



Okay, when are super hero capes going to be in? Because we’re definitely on board with this look from The Blonds. You’d feel ten times more confident walking into any situation wearing a cape.


Painted Faces



Why isn’t it acceptable to paint our faces whenever we feel like it? If the models at TOME can rock it, we should be able to, too,


Slouchy Pajamas



Band of Outsiders somehow takes a robe and makes it high-fashion. Does this mean we can wear our pajamas out and be high-fashion too?


The World’s Most Pleated Romper



Just look at this Jenny Packham romper. Imagine how fun it would be to walk in this thing. You’d flow everywhere you go.


Cheerleader Outfits



Okay, admit it. Even if you weren’t a cherleader, didn’t those skirts always look fun? Anna Sui has taken high school staples and turned them into runway material. I’m going to go dig out my old cheer uniform.


This Eyewear



Considering trading in my aviators for a more eye-catching option from Gucci.


Oh, and These Pineapple Sleeves



They’re pineapples. They’re sleeves. They’re pineapple sleeves! Does it get any better than this? This Gucci piece may be a little bold, but it would look fly AF with all the other ridiculous things we’re mentally adding to our dream wardrobe.