Festival-Goers, You Need H&M’s New Coachella Line Before You Hit The Desert

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Festival-Goers, You Need H&M’s New Coachella Line Before You Hit The Desert

H&M's Coachella-branded fashion line is back, and this time they've enlisted the help of the supermodel sibling band The Atomics to create a festival collection you'll go nuts for.

With festival season fast approaching, we imagine all our music junkies out there are already strapped for cash (tickets don't come cheap, don't we know it). Even if your festival tickets have run your bank account completely dry like the California desert, H&M's new Coachella-themed collection will have you scraping together every bit of loose change you can scavenge.

That's right, your favorite Swedish retailer has teamed up with mega male model Lucky Blue Smith and his fellow model-music star sisters to create a budget-friendly boho collection you'll want to wear far into the summer. The star siblings also front their own band, The Atomics, who are also playing in this year's Coachella lineup (how convenient!). Each sibling is famous in their own right, and you've probably spotted Pyper and Lucky in various fashion campaigns and runways the world over.

Not only do we want to buy every piece in this freaking cool collection, but now we also wish we were one of these multi-talented siblings. As far as festival style is concerned, this collection is peak hippie-meets rocker-chick aesthetic. Featuring looks like lace crop tops, metallic leotards, and long, sweeping skirts, you'll definitely stand out in the crowd if you rock anything from this line.

"H&M Loves Coachella has all the pieces to get the festival spirit, wherever you are in the world," says The Atomics.

Really, you'll wish festival season was a year-long event with these pieces!

H&M Loves Coachella Collection

H&M Coachella Collection

Whether you've already invested in your music festival tickets, you really can't pass up this uber cool line. After all, festival season is the only season it's acceptable to rock as much glitter and fringe as humanly possible! H&M's line releases to select stores on March 30, and if the video promo doesn't make you want to rock a flower crown into next year, k bye.