Flared Denim… Phew! Finally

by admin

Flared Denim… Phew! Finally

Contributed by Sebastian Sez, stylist of shesez.com.


For the past few months, most of my girlfriends have shared a major frustration: those cursed skinny jeans! Not owning a pair seemed akin to committing the ultimate fashion faux pas. I’ve tried to soothe their anxiety, telling them not to worry, the time for peg legs will come and go. Well, begin rejoicing ladies, that time has arrived!

Skinny jeans are still as hot as ever, but wide legs and flared cuts are poised to be the next must have jean. Not only are these silhouettes more flattering for most female physiques, but you don’t have to worry about the length of jeans so much when trying to pair them with heels (you girls know what I’m talking about). And, it’s a great way to separate yourself from the rest of the skinny herd, who haven’t jumped on the trend yet.    

Wide legs, in general, are also in my book, a stylish fashion forward alternative. I‘ve been seeing them on trousers for the fall runway shows. I love the slouchy, slightly unpolished figure they create.

You can pair wide-legged denim with almost anything, but try to stay away from tops with a severe trapeze–otherwise you risk looking like a pagoda.

As for labels, J Brand makes some great flared denim, as does Citizens of Humanity and the always reliable 7 For All Mankind. My absolute faves are the Palazzo jeans by J Brand. Just make sure that they’re long enough—almost brushing the ground—even when wearing heels. It doesn’t look right if they’re too high up. And, be sure to pair them with something more fitted, such as a camisole. You don’t want too much volume on top, so stay away from those baby-doll blouses. 

I’m also happy to report that high waists are coming back into vogue. I’m so tired of the low-rise jean. I think I’ve seen enough thongs and lacy undies to start my own porno channel. You’ll be seeing the high waist on trousers, skirts, and YES denim, too! Classy and chic, they look great topped by a tucked-in blouse.

My gal pals are ecstatic. Finally, shopping for jeans and pants is an enjoyable experience again. Another bonus: stop trying to jump on the skinny bandwagon; you can finally embrace your curves! That is….until swimsuit season.