Foolproof Spring Combination: Floral Dresses and Tailored Blazers

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Foolproof Spring Combination: Floral Dresses and Tailored Blazers

Floral summer dresses are light, pretty, and perfect for warmer weather, but if you’re wearing one anywhere other than on a picnic in the park (i.e. to work, dinner, or on a date) it’s best to add some sophistication with a hint of tailored toughness. Pairing a pretty floral dress with a blazer is an edgy day-to-night look we love.

Here are three ways to do it: 

1. If you’re wearing a bright, bold pattern that’s cheeky and fun, add a navy boyfriend blazer: The color pairs better with the dress’s vibe than severe black and the cut will tone down the girliness.

2. With a ruffled floral dress, try a structured black blazer as a counterpoint to the frills and flowers. If it gets really chilly, you can even add a pair of black leggings underneath.

3. If your dress is structured—corset-style, or fitted through the torso—throw a knit blazer over it for balance.

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