Four Awesome Desks for Cool Kids

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Four Awesome Desks for Cool Kids

Summer is winding down and school preparations are amping up. We want to set up our kids for success so perhaps it’s time to create a study area that functions a bit better than your living room floor. Kids don’t have a natural aversion to desks; they just want them to be comfortable and cool. If they are too small for the dining room table and too big for the desk you bought them three years ago, then it’s time for an upgrade. Here are four desks that are high on style and quality that will also stand the test of time.

The Little One’s
This cool little number is colorful and gets children accustomed to using a desk. It could easily be moved from room to room if they want to keep mom and dad company. Plus it has a cool little drawer under the seat for supplies.

Orange Mini Drawer Doodle Desk at Bellacor ($200)

Elementary School 
If your daughter has modern sense of style, then I am sure she will love this simple take from duc duc. They offer the desk in two heights: 23” high and 30” high (standard).

The Austin desk and optional CPU Storage Unit from duc duc (Desk $795 and CPU unit $150) in pink and white (I think it looks lilac)

Middle School
This setup from The Land of Nod features a keyboard tray, storage drawers, a cork-board and shelves. With hardwood tops and drawer fronts it should safely survive the slings and arrows of childhood. The chair cushion comes in three different colors.

Espresso Simple Desk and Hutch from the Land of Nod (Desk $599, Hutch $299 and Chairs $119)

High School
Trophies and books are really starting to accumulate and flexible storage is critical. Therefore, a desk with add-on shelving might be your best bet.

The Pottery Barn Teen locker desk collection has eleven colors to choose from and many different configurations.

Planning is the key to success, so here are some points to consider as you shop:

  • Children use desks for work and play so make sure there is room and storage for both.
  • Even if they don’t have a computer right now, plan for one in the future.
  • Don’t be tempted by cheap deals. You get what you pay for!
  • Consider how much assembly you are willing to do and find out how many pieces it comes in.
  • Try to stay away from sharp corners for the little ones.
  • Include your child in the final decision and make it exciting and special for them by personalizing it with their name or letting them choose the color. 

I hope you all create a spectacular study area!

Photos courtesy of My Design Secrets