Four Pieces to Wear on Your Not-So-Skinny Days

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Four Pieces to Wear on Your Not-So-Skinny Days

Everyone has those days when they wake up and just feel fat. Your first inclination might be to wear the loosest, baggiest thing in your closet, but don’t: The secret to feeling skinny on a fat day is adding structure, and perhaps playing with proportion so you’ll look longer and leaner. Here are five pieces (no shapewear, we promise) that can help you feel better about your bod, even if it wakes up on the wrong side of the scale:

1. A lightweight blazer
A blazer will add structure to your floaty summer dresses, and one with thin lapels won’t add any extra volume to the chest. A single button (don’t go double-breasted) brings all the attention to the center of the torso, making your waist look smaller.

2. A wide belt
A belt will add shape to a looser dress or blouse, creating a waist and making you look slimmer. We suggest sticking to a wide style, so you’ll be cinched in, instead of pinched around your tummy.

3. Wide-leg trousers
This pant style works on all figures, and makes your legs look miles long when paired with heels. A pair with a high waist will flatten the tummy, too, and a hem that covers a pair of platform shoes will lengthen legs like no other pant can.

4. An empire-waist dress
If you can’t be bothered with separates, try a no-fail dress with a high waist, in a fabric that floats away from the body, creating an A-line shape.

Find more slimming pieces to help you survive a fat day: check out our guides to dresses that hide a tummy slimming pants, and the shirts to hide a tummy.

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