Fun in the Sun With a Younger Toddler

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Fun in the Sun With a Younger Toddler

This summer was the first summer that our son got to spend actively playing outside as a young toddler. At this age, he doesn’t take much to please, so we didn’t want to over prepare for the season. They say seven is a lucky number and we just so happened to have fallen in love with seven products that have come in handy during this summer. Here they are!

1. Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy
This is not your typical inflatable baby float. It is covered in a mesh material which in my opinion makes it more durable and less likely to puncture. There are two inner tubes which inflate in seconds. The adjustable and removable canopy provides shade on sunny days. Our son enjoys traveling around the pool at his great grandma’s house in the spring float. We prefer to keep it inflated, but it deflates and folds to fit back in the included carry and storage bag.

2. Baby Banz Sunglasses
These stylish and durable shades give the eyes a break from all of the squinting that bright beams of sunshine may inflict on the little one. These shades are attached to a wrap around band that adjusts to fit growing noggins.

3. Imse Vimse Swim Diaper
For the price of a pack of disposable swim diapers, you get a cute little reusable diaper that is easy on the tushie and won’t end up residing in landfills for years.

4. UV Skinz
For the price of a couple bottles of sunscreen you get fashionable sun protection that won’t rub off or expire. I get enough of rubbing creams and oils all over our son. I get somewhat of a break when he goes outside armed in his UV Skinz.

5. Solar to Polar Baby Sun Screen
We use this organic SPF 42 sunscreen on our son, Skinz or no Skinz. I feel confident knowing this product will protect him from the sun’s harsh UV rays without irritating his Eczema ridden skin. It actually acts as a natural moisturizer!

6. Intex Sunshade Pool
Although this pool is recommended for children three years old and up, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be suitable for younger children under close supervision. Fill it up halfway, or even a fourth. Our son loves splishin’ and splashin’ in his mini pool. It’s just like being in the tub, but better!

7. Hugs, Not Bugs! Natural Herbal Insect Repellent
Deet- and paraben-free insect repellent for the little ones. I can spitz this over our son without worrying if it’s going to burn his skin, eyes or nose. It has a fresh lemony-citrus scent, I almost want to use it as a body splash.

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