Get 30 Percent off Custom Denim! Plus Why I’m Never Going Jean-Shopping Again

by More.com Editors

Get 30 Percent off Custom Denim! Plus Why I’m Never Going Jean-Shopping Again

My roommate and I technically wear the same size, but that doesn’t mean we can wear the same pair of jeans. She’s tall; I’m short. She has a gap between her thighs; mine rub together even when I’m at my absolute skinniest. The differences are numerous and yet if we were to go shopping together, the sales people would hand us the same sizes. And then we would retreat to our own changing rooms and each endure the personal struggle of finding the jean that fits us just right.


For me, jean nirvana happens when a pair doesn’t require constant upward tugs or deep plies to prevent sagging in the crotch and when it envelopes my thick thighs in a stylish embrace, while not gapping at my waist. Really, this doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard to find but when I’m on my 16th try in the dressing room, I’d rather have a root canal and pelvic exam at the same time than hoist up even one more pair.


Well I may be able to say goodbye to the soul-crushing, aerobic experience that is the dressing room now that fashion-tech company INDi Custom Premium Jeans has apparently heard my exasperated cries. The online purveyor of designer denim eliminates all the hassle of jean-shopping by installing a personal tailor into your computer. In reality, the company has married technology and craftsmanship into a wonderfully interactive website, but I prefer to imagine that they’ve shrunk an old Italian tailor into a micro-chip. I talked to the magical tailor guy via INDi’s idiot-proof site and in just a few weeks I had custom-made jeans delivered to my office. I’m pretty much a celebrity now.


Here’s how they turned out. They are oh so comfy–and not a crack or a gap in sight!


The process of ordering your jeans is fun and interactive. Plus, you can do it without breaking sweat or ever witnessing a muffin top in the harsh dressing room lighting.


First you pick the style. I went for the Duboce Skinny because I like to tuck my jeans into boots.


Then you get to start designing and customizing everything, from the pattern on the pocket to where the jean hits your hips. This can get a little overwhelming if you’re like me and have a hard time making decisions. Still, though, it’s easier than doing lunges in a tiny dressing room.


Now comes the really cool part. Not only do you simply provide the standard measurements like waist and in-seam, which can still be misleading, but you tell the INDi engineers/designers/fashion experts (aka superheros) what your body actually looks like.


For me, it was tempting to choose the picture that most resembled what I want to look like. But then I realized that if the jeans came back not fitting correctly it would be my own fault and Pippa Middleton probably doesn’t need any more jeans. Try to be brutally honest, but also not hyper-critical. Maybe enlist the help of that friend who more accurately sees who you really are and isn’t afraid to say so—we all have one. In hindsight, I wish I had done so. I love my jeans, but they came back a tad too big, which is my own fault considering how specific INDi makes you get. Nothing illuminates how inaccurately we see our bodies like answering a bunch of questions about what your booty and belly look like. Just be prepared to get to know yourself a bit better—I know I did.


Finally you review your order, hit buy, and wait for your personalized jeans to arrive. The cherry on top is that you can save your order for even easier future purchases.


You too can score life-changing denim—and at a discount! INDi has generously offered an exclusive 30 percent discount to DivineCaroline readers. Just enter the code DC512 any time between now and May 31, 2012 to swoop up this deal. And let me know how you like your jeans!