Get Tips from Rachel Zoe Styling

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Get Tips from Rachel Zoe Styling

Her fashion is ba-nanas. Her clothing lines are ah-mazing. Let’s face it; we die for the Rachel Zoe styling touch. She may have come on the scene as the genius behind Nicole Richie’s style makeover, but she has remained a constant on the fashion scene, styling everyone from Kate Hudson to Anne Hathaway—all while building a brand that’s larger than life. She even wrote a guide on how to stay on trend and in style. And did we mention she somehow looks flawless while doing it all?

The thing about Rachel Zoe’s style that we love the most is that it stays true to who she is. She may dress starlets in trendy pieces, but Zoe knows that her own style is and always will be bohemian glam (we kinda made that up, but we like it). Completely inspired by the ‘70s (she has more caftans than Mrs. Roper), Zoe’s style is all about layers, statement pieces, giant handbags, platforms and clothes so flowy, it almost appears as though she’s floating through life.

So, how do you go about emulating this nod-to-nostalgia look? Easy. Zoe has created two clothing lines (a more affordable one on QVC and the other a high-end line available at Bergdorf’s, Saks, and more) that are inspired by her style. On a budget? You can also take the basic ideas from our shopping inspiration boards (dress-up and street style) above and head over to stores like Target, Macy’s, ModCloth, and more to recreate a Rachel Zoe styling expert-approved look.