Getting Organized – Mind, Body, & Clothes

by admin

Getting Organized – Mind, Body, & Clothes

Men sometimes seem like they have it all. For years, I have advised friends to "think like a man" in particular situations. Meaning, practice that "compartmentalizing" thing they do, and that can help you get through your current challenge.

During a three-year career break, I have had the opportunity to marry, move, renovate, consult, and care for aging parents and in-laws. But as I again seek the fulfilling world of a full-time career, I realized, I have spent three years organizing and prioritizing everyone else but me.

I have moved homes. Mine, his, ours, and theirs. I turned two property investments into long-term and short-term rentals. I have downsized, re-purposed, sold, bought, relocated cities, covered two states, and haven't broken, lost, or ruined a thing. Trust me, this takes organization – coming up with a plan, getting support from all parties involved, and smoothly executing while compromising.

I tried hard not let these stressful situations change me, impact my new relationship with my husband, or diminish my loving care for my elders.

But, now that it is my turn to dust off, regroup, bring even these transferable skills back to the board room, I admit a valuable lesson. Organizing everyone else but me for so long, meant I needed to loudly declare this is "The Season of Me."

First, I shared with my friends my embarrassing dilemma. I am challenged more with my fitness routines; I've not been prioritizing church services from which I gain such strength; and every time I enter my closet to dress professionally for an interview, I am in tears that I can no longer find anything, combine an outfit, or get out the door in a timely fashion without upset.

Longtime girlfriends quickly came to the rescue by reciprocating – with my long ago advice to them – preached right back at me. Get organized. Prioritize yourself. Think like a man. Compartmentalize. And finally, "There are people for that! Hire them!" And they were right. While I still can't believe it, I researched, interviewed, and hired a professional stylist. I needed her to quickly do for me what I have been doing for others for years. I obviously can't to do it for myself.

We talked about my frustrations (being in a historic home without closets), my inability to get rid of things (because of fear of being poor like in my childhood), and even my lack of work wardrobe (which no longer needs to match perfectly, by the way).

Getting ME organized simply meant getting out of a rut, and prioritizing my needs, my status, my care, and my mental health and happiness. I threw away clutter, gave away unwanted items, cleaned drawers, emptied boxes, and even decorated my closet with friends' photos to bring happiness every time I open it.
The Season of Me continues, with no end of season in sight. My organized Home life now compliments clearly defined priorities of Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, Health, and Happiness. It feels good to make myself a priority once more. Never again will I lose myself in life's journey that can get so messy.