Gift Advice: Swap it with SwapThing

by admin

Gift Advice: Swap it with SwapThing

Several years ago, my dear grandma Nana gave me a Kelly green fleece sweatshirt/cardigan top with sunflower appliqués that was made by her eighty-three-year-old church bingo partner, Miss Callie Mae. Now, I could deal with the sunflowers, but the sweatshirt also had a white/yellow gingham checkered ribbon at the neck and, in a moment of sheer DIY inspiration, Miss Callie, who was a nice lady but wasn’t exactly the steadiest of hand, decided to top her masterpiece off with gold glitter glue lines/swirls. I love (d) my grandma, who is probably cursing me in heaven for saying this, but for a tiny moment, the gift really made me question her love for me. I’m not a materialistic person (although I did want that red iPod Nano this year) and I wanted to make my grandma happy, so I wore the sweater on Christmas day, enduring taunts from other family members—my older brother offered to “water me”. I wish there was a way I could have swapped the sweater for something a little more low key.

Enter Swap Thing

Swapthing is a site that allows you to swap your items and services with others for their items or services. The site is pretty much based on the premise that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure (or in my case one person’s sunflower sweater is another person’s Prada). The site is the perfect mash up of eBay and social networking sites like This Next making it a great way to add to your wardrobe without spending a dime and clean out your closet.

While, I like the site and its concept, Swapthing’s backend needs alot of work. I went to the site recently and it was down—not a good look for a shopping—related site. The day before, I tried to register on three separate occasions and got an error message each time.

Also their pricing policy is way too confusing. According to their publicists, SwapThing offers free registration and listing for items, with a low transaction fee of one dollar for each exchange of goods, no matter how many items are involved in the swap.

However on the site’s pricing page—there’s some confusing language about a subscription service (ranging from $8.00 to $100 a month) and unlimited swaps for $3 a month.

Once they fix their backend problems and simplify the pricing structure, Swapthing will be an excellent resource for budget fashionista’s nationwide.

Now, does anyone want a fabulous Kelly green sunflower sweatshirt?