Go Green for Dad This Father’s Day

by admin

Go Green for Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and millions of kids all over the world are heading off to the store to buy their Dads a can of car wax or a goofy necktie. This year, Think Green! No, I don’t mean buy dad something that is green colored … I’m talking environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and good for the planet.

Is Dad the outdoor type? Maybe camping or spending lots of time outdoors is his thing. The Solar Roll by Brunton will power Dad’s cellphone, recharge cameras—you name it … all from the rays of the sun! It’s waterproof and rolls into a tube for storage—how convenient is that?

Does Dad have an iPhone or and iPod? This fantastic wood cover from Miniot will protect his goods in fantastic, sleek eco-friendly style (they can even engrave it so Dad will never forget who gave him such a cool gift!)

Maybe Dad could use a little more attention in the skincare department. Most Men totally neglect this in their daily routine. Check out vedaDUDE for great organic Men’s skincare options (even the bottle is masculine looking).

How about this gorgeous beer glass… made from a recycled beer bottle, of course! It’s available from the Natural History Museum. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Add a six-pack of some really great organic ale from your local market and Dad will be one happy camper!

There are tons of green gift options out there – so don’t wait, get out there and find something great. Give Dad something eco-friendly that he’ll really love <em>and</em> can use this year – Dad will thank you, and the earth will thank you!

By Liz of Pink Lemonade