Going Green: A Click Fix

by admin

Going Green: A Click Fix

Livin’ large and livin’ green don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I’m hunting for good organic buys that can be had with a click of the mouse. Al Gore would be doubly proud …

As a woman, I have plenty that I feel guilty about: reading Us Weekly instead of the New York Times, eating cookie dough from the tube while standing by the fridge, watching American Idol as the dust bunnies collect in the corners of my home. But one thing I don’t feel guilty about anymore is shopping. This formerly self-indulgent pastime has been transformed into something “good.” Thanks to all the fabulous companies that produce green items, I can now support environment awareness by making eco-conscious purchases. Yay! Break out the cookie dough …

The Underlying Issue.
Victoria’s Secret really has a monopoly on my lingerie drawer. I blame Heidi Klum, with her wide Chicklet smile and perky, uh, personality. I often forget that there’s a whole world of lingerie out there that doesn’t have the word “Pink” stamped across the butt. And even more refreshing is that there are now eco bras and panties out there for the type of gal who believes in a cause all the way down to her skivvies. Take these lovely lace boy shorts by Perfectly Imperfect. Made from 90 percent organic cotton, they’re nice to the earth and flattering to the hips. 

Read My Lips.
If you’re anything like me, you ask yourself at least once a day, “Where the heck does my lipstick go?” I put it on, and thirty minutes later, even without doing some latte-sipping, it’s gone. Well the unhappy truth is that we eat it. Considering I’m a woman who feels naked without a little crimson pout, that means I eat about three square meals of lipstick a day. And that feels a little alarming when I think about all the weird metals and chemicals that some lipsticks contain. I should be as vehement about organic lipstick as I am about organic strawberries! The Nvey Eco cosmetic line has come to my rescue with lipsticks that meet the official standards of “organic” by the Organic Food Chain. They also contain a lot of pronounceable ingredients like Safflower and Beeswax and come in a great shimmering raspberry shade. Color me impressed!

Paying It Forward.
I’ll happily claim the title of tree-hugger, but I’m really more of a people-hugger, which is why I love it when an item is both environmentally aware and supportive of humanitarian causes. A lyrical hand-embroidered bag from Viva Terra is both 100 percent organic cotton and created by a community of women in Mexico, providing them with a solid source of income. That makes me 100 percent more prone to swing it around with a smile.

Toe-Tapping Goodness.
Here’s a confession: I’m a terrible vegetarian. While I haven’t indulged in a bucket of KFC for more than fifteen years, I’m still wearing leather shoes and bags. Not a very nice thing to do to the environment or to cows. The problem is earth friendly/veg friendly shoes are usually something between a Birkenstock and a clog with a tire tread. But thanks to uber-chic vegan Natalie Portman, that’s about to change. Her line of shoes with Té Casan is smoking hot and would hold its own next to a pair of Manolo Blaniks on the curbs of New York. As a bonus, Natalie Portman’s proceeds go to the Nature Conservatory. Eat your heart out, Carrie Bradshaw.